Design UK has given its integrated marketing platform extra oomph with an all-singing all-dancing upgrade to the email element.

LavaSuite is a fully integrated online marketing tool that gives marketing departments the power to update their website without the need to rely on the IT guys, external web or specialist marketing agencies.

The emarketing element, Lavamail, allows marketers to conduct CRM activity without relying on an expensive third party system and removing the risk of corrupted data transfers that can come from third party mailing houses.

The hot-to-trot upgrade, Lavamail2, gives the LavaSuite software a sophisticated handling by incorporating several new features.

Entire campaigns can now target segmented user groups with different emails combined and sent in the same mail shot.

This segmentation is facilitated by Lavamail2’s use of the integrated Webtrends analytics software. Any data collected on the website is fed straight into the system helping to improve efficiency and personalisation. Clients can use the data to target and respond to customers at various stages of their online journey.

The new email system has also been designed to combat Duping and bounce back. Emails are tracked and click-thru, open, bounce and unsubscribe behaviour all analysed.

“With Lavamail2 we’re striving towards giving clients a consolidated set of data that they can use to develop and effectively maintain CRM,” explained Leigh Whitney, Managing Director, Design UK.

“It means that their email marketing is working off a central hub and the efficiency allows more to be done with more accurate results. “

Clients already successfully using the new software include Owners Exclusive, Haven, Diesel and Hobbs.

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About Design UK
Design UK is a digital agency that drives online behaviour to create measurable value for clients, including Hackett, Odeon, Butlins, Selfridges, Blackwell Publishing and Haven holidays. By placing users’ emotional and rational needs at the centre of everything, we create the best environments for improved brand power, revenue creation and operational efficiency. Our vision is to create an environment where an understanding of human behaviour is at the heart of all digital experience.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 14th May 2007