CAMBRIDGE, UK, 26 June 2007– Zeus Technology, a leading provider of award-winning application traffic management solutions, today announced the launch of ZXTM GLB (ZXTM Global Load Balancer), which will allow enterprises to seamlessly share traffic across globally distributed datacenters.

ZXTM GLB is a DNS (Domain Name System)-based Global Server Load Balancing system, available as both software and a hardware appliance. It works alongside an internet traffic manager by allowing organizations to scale their internet-enabled services to two or more datacenters, achieving improved reliability, better utilization and better performance. This translates to a better experience for users as they are always directed to the best performing or closest datacenter.

ZXTM GLB is based on Zeus Technology’s award-winning ZXTM product, the only traffic management solution available as both an appliance and as a software platform to run on existing datacenter servers and blades and in virtualized environments. The product provides a rich GUI that allows organizations to visualize real-time traffic and datacenter performance on a map of the world.

Paul Brennan, Chairman of Zeus Technology said, “Many organizations locate their online services in multiple datacenters, to get their content closer to their users and to improve resilience in the event of site attacks or datacenter failure. ZXTM GLB enables the transparent delivery of services and applications from multiple datacenters, continually monitoring their performance and availability. It manages users’ requests, intelligently directing traffic to the most appropriate service point based on current performance, service availability and geographic proximity.”

Brennan continued, saying, “Unlike the majority of Global Server Load Balancer products available today, ZXTM GLB is not tied to a particular load balancing platform. It functions equally well alongside any load balancer and other infrastructure products and is very easy to deploy and use. ZXTM GLB also provides a far more comprehensive and engaging visualization of actual traffic than any other product available.”

ZXTM GLB can be used to ensure business continuity in the event of a site attack, datacenter failure or unplanned maintenance. It also enables companies to offer a faster, more reliable service, improving datacenter utilization and efficiency by load-balancing traffic towards datacenters with spare capacity as user volumes move throughout the day.

The uniquely rich visualization in ZXTM GLB allows the company to obtain a clear and accurate picture of activity — where their users are located and which datacenters they are accessing. The datacenter draining capability reduces system administration risks by draining traffic away from services in a datacenter before planned maintenance.

ZXTM GLB is available as two product options. The full version offers dynamic load balancing and disaster recovery capabilities. This means that organizations can balance traffic across multiple datacenters at the same time, to whichever is responding fastest and is located geographically closest to the user. The 'Disaster Recovery' version is suitable for organizations that require disaster recovery protection for business continuity. With this option, only one datacenter is active at a time; if the service fails at the active datacenter, ZXTM GLB sends users to the next available datacenter.

Published on: 12:00AM on 26th June 2007