LONDON, 26th June, 2007 – DoubleClick Inc., a premier provider of digital advertising technology and services, today unveiled the European beta of its natural search optimisation technology solution, NSO Direct, at the Online Marketing Show in London. Once implemented, NSO Direct makes it easier for marketers to optimise their sites, without the need for any additional IT resources. The solution improves search engine crawlability, increases relevancy and ultimately delivers a higher natural ranking by creating a crawler-friendly version of a marketer’s site with a simplified URL structure.

“Leading brand marketers’ websites constantly change, and whether or not search engines can identify, digest and present these updated pages to consumers is the difference between a successful search programme and one that produces negative consumer experiences,” said Jonty Kelt, Vice President, Search, International. “The search engine friendly pages created by NSO Direct address a number of indexation hurdles and will improve a site’s ranking in natural results. The solution is fully compliant with all natural search optimisation (NSO) best practices and has already delivered impressive results for select clients that have tried the service.”

NSO Direct has been well received by clients in the US, helping them overcome challenges by creating a natural search optimisation environment that is much less cumbersome to manage. Marketers have embraced the three primary benefits of NSO Direct, which help them to:

· Be seen: Simplified URLs result in a dynamic, crawler-friendly version of a Web site.

· Be relevant: DoubleClick Performics boosts page rankings in a fully compliant manner with methodical optimisation efforts. Custom copy increases visibility for both brand and non-brand keywords.

· Be independent: Remote control of the NSO programme enables DoubleClick Performics’ NSO experts to directly optimise a marketer’s site on their behalf as needed, to coincide with a campaign launch, for example.

DoubleClick Performics offers a comprehensive solution to help marketers and their agencies get the most out of their search marketing investment. It is designed for marketers or agencies that don’t have in-house Paid or Natural Search marketing expertise, and want to outsource strategy and day-to-day management of their search marketing.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 28th June 2007