digitaltmw, the digital arm of leading integrated agency Tullo Marshall Warren (TMW), has developed an online campaign for Unilever UK Foods to drive consumers to a dedicated area of the Flora website, which features an interactive cholesterol check. The campaign is designed to highlight the benefits of the Flora pro.activ range of cholesterol lowering products and to encourage consumers to take the cholesterol check and make a pledge to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

The campaign has Flora pro.activ targeting consumers aged 45+ who do not believe cholesterol is an issue that affects them. This group may already know they are affected but do not care because they don’t think it’s serious. Other consumers have reached the age where they are starting to become aware of illness and death among parents and friends, and are therefore beginning to plan ahead to maintain good health and in particular a healthy heart.

digitaltmw has created the dedicated area on the Flora website to have a ‘healthy’ look and feel, using fresh, outdoor imagery. The messages are bold and factual: ‘Two out of three adults have raised cholesterol, chances are you’re one of them’. The tone of voice is friendly and encouraging, delivering real value at a time when getting the right information is front of mind. It also gives tips on how consumers can lower their cholesterol. The cholesterol check can tell consumers the specific areas of their lifestyle that could benefit from improvement, and that’s where Flora pro.activ is able to help, giving consumers a 3-Step Plan with tangible targets.

To sign up, consumers can choose the 3-Steps they feel are most realistic and achievable. They are then able to log back into their profile page at any time to update their progress and see their score improving. There are also helpful email reminders to help you stay on track.

In addition, the campaign encompasses online advertising across a variety of websites, also developed by digitaltmw.

The online campaign is integrated with above-the-line activity, plus offline activity created by the main agency at TMW. This comprises a powerful and colourful door-drop, which will be sent to two million homes around the country.

The instore activity will encourage people to do the three-step challenge to lower their cholesterol. Anneka Rice, who made the BBC programme Challenge Anneka popular in the 1990s, will be touring the UK to make people aware that raised cholesterol is very common. This will be featured on the Flora website created by digitaltmw, the digital arm of TMW, along with her video about why she is taking part in the activity.

Alex Moore, Head of Digital Business Development at digitaltmw, says: “We felt it was important to introduce an interactive element to the campaign. By asking consumers to participate in the cholesterol check it not only helps to educate consumers on acceptable cholesterol levels in an engaging way but will also give consumers the ideas and inspiration to actually make lifestyle changes.”

Judith Bruins, Brand Manager at Unilever, adds: “The communications developed by TMW deliver a very powerful statement and work hard to bring the proposition to life. The cholesterol check integrates fantastically with the rest of the campaign, offering consumers invaluable personalised advice and guidance.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 30th June 2007