***Have you spent 3 years searching for the remote control, 11 months looking at yourself and 3 months obsessing about celebrities?***

London – 24th May 2004 – The chances are, if you are a typical 30 year old, single, time starved man, you will have spent around 4.2 years suffering from hangovers, 3.2 weeks fixing printers and, in extreme cases, 20.8 hours removing gherkins from your burgers.

www.wheredidthetimego.com serves as a tool to identify how you have spent your time by asking basic information such as age, number of children and gender, going on to ask you to rate your eating, working and social habits.

The stats are worked out and a profile produced which can be emailed to yourself and a friend and you can also enter a competition to win an Olympus digital camera as you do so.

www.wheredidthetimego.com is an innovative online viral execution and part of BT’s latest broadband acquisition campaign which focuses on identifying how you have spent your time and how you can now save time with a faster home internet connection.

Designed by AGENCY.COM, BT’s lead online agency, the microsite is part of a larger scale online and through-the-line campaign that centre’s on the wider concept of ‘Time is Money’.

Aimed at a young professional audience, the concept works on the key insights that this cash-rich but time-poor audience want more of their time back. At 10x faster than dial-up connections, and also faster than many competitive offerings, Broadband from BT can help you avoid wasting time online at home.

Darren Moffett, Head of Interactive Communications for BT.com commented: “At BT we are committed to driving innovation in our online marketing. Wheredidthetimego.com is not just innovative for it’s own sake – it derives from core insights into the lifestyles of our target market and into their motives for switching to Broadband.”

The campaign’s objective is to reemphasise the vitality of the BT Broadband brand and its relevance to the young professional audience as well as generating awareness, leads and sales for BT Broadband.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 24th May 2004