Research carried out by Zendor, the fulfilment and e-business expert, shows that only a third of clothing and footwear retailers have a transactional website in the UK. This is despite recent predictions by the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) that by 2009, a quarter of all UK purchases will be carried out online or via a mobile device. The IMRG also claims that a further 20% of all purchases will be influenced by online research.

Zendor’s research, which was based on over 100 of the UK’s major clothing and footwear retailers, found that 12% do not even have a basic website. Although more than a half of the retailers reviewed do have ‘informational’ sites, Zendor found that many supplied little more than general company or store details.

In addition, only 19% of footwear retailers have an e-commerce proposition compared to 39% of clothing retailers. This means that the majority, so far, have failed to capitalise on the burgeoning online retail market, currently worth almost £5 billion in the UK.

As the third largest online market, valued at £525 million and with 30% of all online shoppers, the clothing and footwear sector has enjoyed the fastest growth rate of any other sector with a 53% growth in spending in the last year (Verdict on e-Retail 2004.) Around 10 million consumers are currently driving this industry, seeking convenience through online shopping.

In a retail market predicted to be worth £80bn in 2009, and industry research predicting that the e-retail market will account for a substantial share of it, Zendor states that 2004 is the year for clothing and footwear retailers to move online or to further develop their propositions.

Nick Allen, Zendor’s Chief Executive, says “Clothing and footwear retailers could miss the boat this year if they do not seriously consider online retailing as part of a multi-channel proposition. Our advice would be to claim a share of this healthy and prosperous industry now. This is the year to make your move, if you haven’t already done so.”

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Notes to Editor
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Published on: 12:00AM on 24th May 2004