Charities websites still have room for improvement

The second annual Charities Website Benchmark Report reveals that there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Commissioned by e-Consultancy, online publisher of best practice internet marketing reports and how-to guides, the iConcertina ‘Charity Website Benchmarks 2007’ report evaluates the top 120 charity websites (by voluntary donations) in the following categories:

· Usability – is the site easy to use?
· Accessibility – can everyone access the site?
· Communication – can users communicate with the charity and each other?
· Transparency – is the charity open with its information?
· Responsiveness – does the site encourage and support giving, volunteering, fundraising, and corporate involvement?
· Housekeeping – does the site work in harmony with social networking sites?

This year we found:
· Charity websites are best at Usability.
· They do well in Responsiveness and Communication.
· Their scores are weak in Housekeeping and Transparency.
· Accessibility scores catastrophically, showing a general lack of consideration in this area.

Compared to 2006, overall, sites score less. We see:
· Improvement in Usability and Accessibility.
· Huge improvement in Communication, where scores more than double. This is due mainly to the increased use of various communication channels by the charities.
· A small decrease in the scores for Transparency and Responsiveness.
· A serious decline in the Housekeeping scores, due mainly to reduced homepage ranks and the introduction of the new criterion – social media.

Congratulations to the highest ranked site this year; Cancer Research UK’s site; It is the 2007 ‘winner’ in our benchmark study – last year it was fifth. The site noticeably improved its scores in Usability, Accessibility and Communication.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 11th July 2007