The survey of the Mobile retailers sector proves the point of the article above. Many people must sort out their mobile phones via the web these days, or at the very least surf the web to compare deals. It's strange then that this sector performs so badly. It's not just accessibility that's poor (we can see above that other sectors are nearly as bad) but across the 100 pages we tested on each of the 15 sites we found a total of 16,204 functional errors. And while I'm in a comparing mood that's an average of 1080 errors per site compared with 65 per site in Local Government.

16,204 functional failures, site errors found
94.0% pages failed HTML coding standards
60.8% pages failed accessibility (level A)
99.4% pages failed accessibility (level AA)

|One area that is key to success of a site, must be good search engine ranking - questions should surely be asked, especially by those companies that have 3rd parties charging for Search Engine related services - how come 26% fail to even have basic content on the front page?|*=company&chkcol*=mmexact&chkcol*=metadata&results=&rt=206&btn=Display|

Having hovered around the top of the table for the last few months Tesco Mobile are now in the top slot. The Link, yet again, languishes at the bottom of the table where it's been since we started the survey in August 2006.

More detailed information on the survey can be |found online at||

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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th June 2007