Digital Media Communications (DMC) has launched today its second online viral marketing campaign for charity IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare), with content by Velocity Advertising and Maverick Media, as part of IFAW’s campaign to urge the UK Government to act on its promise to ban hunting with dogs.

Phyllis Campbell-McRae, Director of IFAW UK, explains: “The Government has made repeated assurances that its Hunting Bill will be reintroduced during the current parliamentary session, but the issue is yet to be resolved. Following our successful use of online viral marketing with DMC as part of our campaign to protect elephants from the ivory trade, we’re launching this new viral initiative with the aim to get culture-driving, technology-savvy online users involved in widening awareness of the underlying issues and putting pressure on the Government to reintroduce the Hunting Bill now.”

The viral campaign uses a web-exclusive video clip called ‘For Fox Sake’ that was created by Velocity and produced by Maverick Media. In a comic spoof of a real-life fox hunt, the clip features a man dressed in a fox costume on the run in the city, chased by a pack of pretend dogs and a huntsman in a Landrover. The seemingly amusing clip ends with a hard-hitting shot of the real-life outcome of hunting. Viewers are then urged to click through the film’s end frame to the IFAW site [] where they can email their MPs to help lobby the UK Government to fulfil their pledge to ban hunting with dogs.

The viral campaign is being seeded as ‘advertainment’ content via DMC’s online influencer network.

DMC’s MD Justin Kirby comments: “IFAW is using our online viral seeding expertise again to maximise the spread of this powerful campaign. Our online film-tracking system will also provide accountability of the film’s views and hotlinks in order to quantify the impact the viral campaign makes.”

The 2MB ‘For Fox Sake’ clip can be downloaded and viewed from seed routes including:



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IFAW’s mission is to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats and assisting animals in distress. Recognising that the fate of animals and people are inextricably linked, IFAW seeks to promote animal welfare and conservation policies that advance the well-being of both animals and people.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th May 2004