ad:tech London ( is to take on the Digital Marketing Manifesto (, an ad:tech
initiative for the European digital marketing industry.

The Digital Marketing Manifesto was launched at ad:tech's first event in Hamburg Germany on the 22-23 May, where it was presented during the closing session by its initiator Christophe Asselin, European marketing manager at ad:tech.

Asselin explains, "We are very pleased with the turnout in Hamburg and the buzz generated at the event. It was a very successful show for us, despite best attempts by our German competitors. Online marketing is growing at a phenomenal pace and with any industry that is learning to walk, we are seeing too many bad practices formed and picked up.
It is for this reason that the Digital Marketing Manifesto was created
- a 'good practice guide' for the industry. The Manifesto works on three core principals; be authentic, be open and be trustworthy and it is by following these in every instance that brands will start to regain the trust of their customers."

The Hamburg steering committee was made up of a panel of industry recognised media and marketing experts, who discussed and exchanged ideas and experiences and then opened the discussion to the floor. At the conclusion of ad:tech Hamburg, the German Digital Marketing Manifesto committee handed over the project to the UK arm to prepare for ad:tech London in September 2007, from where it will progress onto Paris in February in 2008 before returning once more to Hamburg for the 2008 event in May.

"The question is not 'should we become involved' but rather 'how do we become involved.' This is a very clear and important distinction. We all know that online is the one place you can make a real and tangible connection with your audience, but so many are doing the exact opposite with a non-commonsense approach and actually antagonising their customers. As an industry, we need to take ownership of this and self-govern before we lose our audience and the creative freedom we currently enjoy, " concludes Asselin.

Interested persons can view a video introduction of the Digital Marketing Manifesto at

Ad:tech's next event will be in London from 26-27 September 2007. See for further information and tickets

Published on: 12:00AM on 21st June 2007