Nordic eMarketing is pleased to announce a partnership with Responsible Surfing, a new Internet safety and parental control program, designed to make time spent online more secure and productive.

Responsible Surfing offers state-of-the-art website blocking software for the whole family. It allows software users to block or filter individual sites and keywords, limit time spent on the computer, control online gaming and shopping, and avoid Internet addiction.
What makes this website blocking software unique is that is has been developed by a team of clinical psychologists.

The programmers have had extensive experience in dealing with various net addictions such as gaming, chatting and gambling, and have also worked in prisons with sexual predators and their victims.
The Responsible Surfing software will benefit parents who want to protect their children from unhealthy and dangerous Internet habits before they start, and for children who have already developed addictions or compulsive internet habits. The software also contains privacy protection software to keep personal information safe from possible hackers. Responsible Surfing is the only website blocking software that offers all of these control options in one program.

The software can be quickly downloaded from" and comes in an easy-to-use interface.

Nordic eMarketing will develop the global Internet marketing campaign for the software, as well as design and implement the Responsible Surfing web site at

Nordic eMarketing is thrilled to be associated with a client that is providing such a worthwhile and valuable tool.

Kristjan Mar Hauksson
Nordic eMarketing
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108 Reykjavík
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Bjorn Hardarson
Responsible Surfing
Skúlatúni 6
105 Reykjavik
Tel: +354 5111777

Published on: 12:00AM on 20th June 2007