Channel Intelligence (CI) introduces the addition of a new service to its SellCast™ Retailer Solutions designed to optimize a retailer’s web site navigation through improved product data. The service, called Retailer Site Effectiveness (RSE), improves sales by accurately categorizing products and identifying attributes to power guided product search on a site, making products easier for consumers to find. Retailers participating in the pilot release increased revenues by as much as 22 percent.

“RSE is a powerful tool for navigation optimization that combines high-quality, automated placement of products into a custom taxonomy with the extraction of attribute data to power guided product search,” explains Alison Luna, Product Manager of Optimization for Channel Intelligence. “For retailers that consolidate data from multiple distributors, this service automates the aggregation and organization of the data for display on the retailer’s site. RSE provides a better shopping experience for consumers, which leads to higher revenues for the retailer.”

The RSE navigation optimization service creates a custom category structure for a retailer based on a universal taxonomy of products and integrates seamlessly with their ecommerce platform. Product attributes are automatically harvested from the data to ensure products are grouped appropriately. Any products with inconsistent or conflicting data are quarantined, which helps ensure contextually accurate placement of products to avoid the costs that accompany improper product categorization.

Optimized site navigation and placement of products using RSE can significantly improve web site performance with early results demonstrating a 22 percent increase in revenue.

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Powered by the patented CommerceIQ™ technology platform, Channel Intelligence (CI) web-initiated commerce solutions make it easy for online shoppers to find and buy products whether they start at retailer sites, manufacturer sites, destination shopping sites, or mobile shopping applications. Using a series of robust data optimization techniques offered through the CommerceIQ platform, CI significantly improves the quality of product data and the placement of products on the Internet. Every day CI manages and syndicates millions of products valued at over $3 billion dollars through its three primary services – SellPath® Manufacturer Solutions, SellCast™ Retailer Solutions, and SellCore™ Publisher Solutions. CI customers include hundreds of the world’s best known brands including Best Buy, Black & Decker, Canon, Circuit City, Fujifilm, LG Electronics, Logitech, Mitsubishi, Neiman Marcus Group, OfficeMax, Olympus, Palm, Panasonic, PETCO, Skechers,, Spiegel, The Stanley Works, and Target. Channel Intelligence, a partner company of Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE), is based in Orlando, FL with offices in Europe.

Joy Lee
Channel Intelligence, Inc.

Published on: 12:00AM on 21st June 2007