Julys top website scoring 6.05 is FT.com, Bloomberg came bottom scoring just 1.80 This month’s highest climber was The Business (up 13) CNN was the greatest faller, dropping 15 places scoring 1.97

In checking the front pages, just under 32% of sites failed basic metadata (missing description, keywords and or titles). 2 sites failed accessibility A and AA on every page; Bloomberg and PA News Centre. The survey was completed on the 26th July, in all we carried out 12,565,488 (function, performance and compliance (accessibility, HTML, Metadata) tests.

The full report and detailed findings are available on-line at http://survey-beta.sitemorse.com/rt/245

Why was Bloomberg at the bottom with such a poor score?
In the tests we found 42 function failings (broken links, DNS problems, page titles, email etc), every page failed standards for page code, every page failed accessibility level A and AA (alt tag, label form, link target, headings, style sheets, deprecated features… a considerable list). On performance the home page failed all download tests (modem / ADSL / corporate) – taking just under a minute to load for some users (compared with the industry benchmark of 14 seconds).

On metadata, 5% of pages had missing titles, 42% are without keywords and 90% do not have a description. You can see more on the performance of Bloomberg’s website at http://survey-beta.sitemorse.com/sa/29454/245

Editor’s Notes

SiteMorse provides companies with a precisely accurate critique of their website tested for functionality, accessibility, compliance and performance. It is unrivalled in its efficiency in automated testing in the web industry, and is the only company in the world to offer web testing to this standard. Companies are presented with a thorough assessment of all areas where its websites are technically flawed.

Established in 2001, SiteMorse is a British, privately-owned company and offers a range of website testing services that require no setup, downloads or technical support to operate. Over 500 local and central government departments, FTSE companies and financial sector clients use SiteMorse services to help them maintain error-free, fully-functioning and compliant websites.

Compliance standards include HTML, eGMS, W3C, WAI accessibility and specific standards laid down by suppliers (such as Adobe’s defined accessibility requirements for PDFs). The company is in its sixth year of working with SOCITM and SiteMorse products are also used by Government Sector Publishing, Blays Netratings and ISPA for website rankings and awards services.

SiteMorse calculate a company’s overall mark and ranking as follows:
36% weighting to functionality – do the things on the site work for everyone
26% weighting to performance – how good or bad is the performance
20% weighting to accessibility – how well does the site fair against the mandatory A and expected AA requirements
18% weighting to code quality – how good is the website code, if its poor page may not display properly and performance will be hampered.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 31st July 2007