On 30th July Touch Local was listed in the Guardian's list of top 10 British .coms to watch. Richard Wray from the Guardian says,

"Touch Local is trying to bring two of the oldest tools in commerce - word of mouth recommendation and local business directories - together with one of the hottest online trends, social networking.

The company, spun out of business to business publisher Touch Group and backed by Bebo financier Balderton Capital (formerly Benchmark) has been producing online directories in UK towns and cities for eight years. From its origins in Nottingham, Touch Local now covers 114 cities and expects sales of about £8m this year.

But the interesting part of the company's plan is its new beta site Touch Life. In look at feel it is like any other social networking site, but its aim is to allow users to recommend local shops and services.

Recommendation sites have been tried before by companies such as dooyoo, but it is the localised element of Touch Local plus its revenue model that makes this one to watch. It makes its money from the businesses in its directories - and also helps them with search engine optimisation - rather than by plastering its site with adverts. In theory, Touch Life's users should also generate leads for the classified sales team through their recommendations."

Full Article - http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/series/top10dotcoms


Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd August 2007