***Third interactive TV Campaign for Peugeot increases scale, value and learning***

OMDtvi, next week, launches the third interactive TV (iTV) campaign for Peugeot. The new campaign is to support the launch of the Peugeot 407. This iTV campaign maximises the current technology available to deliver a ‘virtual showroom’ for the new 407.

Dean Drew, Advertising Director, at Peugeot, comments: “Interactive TV really works for us and we have had great results with our previous 206 and 307 campaigns. These learnings have prompted us to widen the extent of our use of iTV with this full-scale DAL. The investment in creating a virtual showroom reflects the brand values of the Peugeot 407 and our desire to help consumers to find out more about this great new model”.

The campaign launches first week of June on Sky, IDS channels and ITV2. Banners in Sky Active can also be used to access the site. Creative for the 407 DAL was developed by Sky in collaboration with Peugeot and OMDtvi. Consumers, once they have pressed red will be able to select from a series of videos specially made for the ‘virtual showroom’. Each video, accompanied by specially made audio and voiceovers, artistically highlights particular specifications of the Peugeot 407. Viewers can then request a brochure or a test drive.

The new Peugeot 407 DAL is revolutionary. Not only is the car's brand integral to the design of the application but for the very first time full-screen video has been used alongside an additional four-screen video panel. Each video, once selected expands to quarter screen with accompanying text, providing the viewer with a seamless interactive experience.

OMDtvi is responsible for the iTV strategy and development. Toby Hack, Head of Interactive TV at OMDtvi said: “With each iTV campaign for Peugeot we increase the scale and level of interactivity. We want to deliver a deeper viewer experience. At each stage, we have maximised the learning, and moved on to the next level. This strategy allows us to experiment with both the technology and the media to deliver the optimum mix for Peugeot”.

Peugeot’s first campaign for the 307 was an impulse response linked to Sky. Launched last July it allowed viewers to request brochures. The second campaign used a mini DAL and promoted the latest offers on the 206 and 307 across Sky channels, ITV2 and Sky Active banners.

“This latest phase of iTV for Peugeot is all about delivering an increased level of value for consumers. These consumers have an expectation of iTV: they want a better customer experience”, Hack concludes.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 28th May 2004