Vertical Leap, pioneer of managed search engine marketing, has launched Local Leap, a new search optimisation service specifically for businesses whose market is local, rather than global.

Local Leap gives high street shops, professionals such as solicitors, accountants plus service providers including plumbers, specialists in topiary through to catering the opportunity to realistically compete in the main search engines and to see a profitable return from their website due to increased sales leads.

Local Leap comprises the same robust processes as Vertical Leap’s main Managed Search Engine Marketing service, but focuses on campaigning and maintaining search engine rankings for those businesses who know that 80% of all buying decisions are made within a 20 mile radius.

The service includes ongoing “onsite” adjustments to a client’s website to make it search engine friendly along PLUS “offsite” additions to key directories relevant to a client’s particular business. And this is achieved without adding to that client’s workload.

Until recently Internet pundits lauded the internet as widening markets to national if not global scales, but not only did this leave millions of businesses out in cold – how could a one page computer shop website compete with Dell? – but more importantly it transpires that people actually using the internet think differently and depending on which survey you read, anywhere between 40% and 70% of all searches are looking for a local solution when they use a search engine, which makes online local search a valuable but desperately underutilised alternative to Yellow Pages.

“Local Leap presents local business with what we think is an unmissable opportunity,” Gina Bray, Vertical Leap’s Sales Director commented. “Rather than busy owners relying on Yellow Pages as their staple form of year round publicity, Local Leap offers them a spring-board into a whole new arena of new business leads from motivated buyers searching for specific goods and services nearby to them, and the best part is that the surface of this opportunity has hardly been scratched.”

Local Search is certainly a major battleground as far as the main search engines are concerned with Google, Yahoo and MSN all featuring local search enhancements within their services and so the time has never been better to Local Leap.

Not only will Google will return local results in map form, but an algorithm now takes into consideration the geographical location of where the search is being made from and feeds back local results often above larger national companies in the search engine results. That means first page results on Google are now very possible for small high street businesses!

Gina already has forward thinking clients who have taken advantage of Local Leap and are now reaping the benefits of increased business leads directly as a result of Vertical Leap working for them in the search engines.

“Local Leap is the ideal package for a business looking for a local presence only. It includes all the enhancements necessary to get a client’s website ranking successfully in the search engines, but also that client’s details added to relevant directories in their vicinity. We’re very excited about it.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 26th July 2007