Launches consulting services to help customers maximise number of emails reaching the inbox

Lyris® Technologies ( and Lyris UK (, leading providers of email marketing solutions from J.L. Halsey (OTCBB:JLHY), today launched a suite of Deliverability Solutions. These packages of consulting services are provided by Lyris' deliverability experts and designed to give customers the information and tools they need to monitor, manage and maximise email deliverability through the use of industry-recognised best practices and proper technology infrastructure and configuration.

Specially designed for customers using Lyris ListManager software installed on their own servers, Lyris’ Deliverability Solutions help organisations significantly increase inbox delivery rates by addressing the sophisticated deliverability requirements and protocols that now exist. The Deliverability Solutions packages include software optimisation, training on deliverability best practices and business processes, detailed infrastructure audits, and tools for ongoing analysis. Also provided are ongoing support packages to monitor deliverability, and consultation and representation in resolving incidents of false positive email blocking and bulk placement. (More information is available at:

Andrew Robinson, managing director at Lyris UK, explains: “Understanding the changing requirements for good inbox deliverability can be a real headache. Our philosophy is to share the information on best practices with our customers who are good double opt-in senders. This way everyone benefits: good email gets delivered and the reputation of the industry is enhanced.”

"As the email deliverability landscape has become increasingly complex, many companies that use installed rather than hosted software have discovered that they require current, up-to-date expertise and resources to address authentication, delivery, ISP relations, mail stream and reputation challenges," said Josh Aberant, Privacy and Standards Manager. "In initial engagements, we've already uncovered multiple opportunities for clients to dramatically increase delivery rates by implementing best practices in technology and by adopting techniques to improve authentication and reputation."

Lyris provides its Deliverability Solutions in a two-package series:

Lyris’ “Get Ready to Deliver” starter package series includes a comprehensive audit of the external systems outside ListManager that are vital to successful email deliverability. These components include DNS, ISP deliverability metric sources, authentication and reputation protocols, and feedback loop processing within pre-built ListManager configurations. Along with the external systems, ListManager’s implementation will be reviewed and optimised.

Lyris’ “Ongoing Deliverability” series is designed to provide senders with the benefit of Lyris’ comprehensive deliverability know-how for an extended period of time — almost as if the sender has an internal deliverability expert on staff. ListManager customers are given deliverability phone and email support access, and Lyris will consult with and represent senders that encounter false positive delivery failures. This advanced package series meets a sender’s ongoing deliverability needs and is available for three-, six- or nine-month terms.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 26th July 2007