Users of KODIME's leading PROPtxt mobile marketing solution are now able to instantly send SMS messages from their regular email accounts to any individual contact.

This new feature makes it even easier to interact quickly and reliably to any incoming mobile enquiries and sales leads. PROPtxt® alerts the user by email to a new enquiry received, provides full CRM details and a new option "Respond by Email-to-SMS".

With this new option, PROPtxt® users can create an email message conveniently in their own email software - for example Microsoft Outlook® or Mozilla Thunderbird® - and send it back to the PROPtxt® server, where it is automatically formatted into a SMS message and instantly forwarded to the recipient's mobile number.

Nico Köpke, CEO KODIME Ltd comments: "We constantly strive to further improve our software, based on direct feedback from our growing user community. We listened, and have now implemented this effective, reliable and secure new option for any PROPtxt user to not only receive, but also compose and send SMS straight from their chosen email tool".

Busy sales and marketing staff can now also respond to any incoming enquiries when on the move, for example via their Blackberry® or PDA.

The new Email-to-SMS feature supports long SMS messages up to 459 characters, and has been made available to all PROPtxt® 2.0 accounts as a free upgrade.

About PROPtxt®

PROPtxt® is the market-leading self-service software solution for the property industry. It makes it easy for any property marketing organisation to mobilize and automate their sales and marketing activities.

A complete solution that is delivered 100% over the web, PROPtxt® provides sophisticated and targeted response via SMS, email and the Mobile Internet as well as advanced CRM and tracking functions. The PROPtxt® solution comes in a range of pre-configured packages all based on the company's propriety Komobility™ platform.

Clients include St.James Homes, Miller Homes, Bryant Homes, Dominion Housing, Berkeley Homes, Citylofts, Isis Waterside and many more residential and commercial property marketers, housing associations and their agencies.

About KODIME Ltd

KODIME Ltd is a leader in developing and providing a portfolio of innovative self-service solutions that enable businesses to easily interact with consumers in their rapidly evolving digital lifestyles.

KODIME Ltd owns and continuously develops the digital mobile platform KOMOBILITY™ as software as a service, easy to use via the web.

KOMOBILITY™ and PROPtxt® are trademarks of KODIME Ltd.

KODIME is based in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, UK, with an office in Sydney, Australia. The company is backed by its Directors and The Capital Fund, a London-based venture capital firm.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 6th September 2007