Dial-a-Phone selected Prophet to help target their on-line and off-line marketing campaigns, to measure campaign effectiveness and to drive site design improvements

Newbury, UK January 30th, 2004 - speed-trap Limited, the e-Business decision support experts, have today announced that Dial-a-Phone, the UK's leading specialist supplier of mobile phones direct to the consumer, has implemented Prophet, on its website at www.dialaphone.co.uk.

Dial-a-Phone implemented Prophet to get reliable answers on the following:
- statistical analysis of visitor traffic, conversion rates & purchase value
- effectiveness of on-line and off-line visitor acquisition marketing campaigns
- in-site promotion campaign effectiveness
- customer life-time costs & values
- design and usability data
- site content value and relevant usage
- user experience and journey
- where and why visitors may cease the purchase process,
- affiliate, campaign and life-time value

Established in 1995, Dial-a-Phone successfully capitalised upon the burgeoning popularity of mobile phones, they also recognised the importance of the Web as a key route to customers. Dial-a-Phone's marketing acumen and overall pioneering attitude has helped the company to become the UK's number one specialist supplier of mobile phones direct to the consumer. Mark Newlands, systems project manager for Dial-a-Phone commented: "We don't have any expensive shops to run, therefore we can provide our customers with the best deals available on all networks and on the latest range of handsets, all direct to our customer's door."

Newlands continued: "Having no physical outlets, we conduct our business entirely through call centres and the Web, this means of course, that the performance, and in fact every facet our website, is important to our business. Our website accounts for a substantial part of our business, so obliviously it's a key sales tool and clear why the information Prophet gives us is so important."

Commenting further Newlands said: "Prophet is a state of the art product which allows us to do many things like measure site statistics, capture detailed advertising campaign analysis and monitor how users use our website. Not only can we determine where our customers came from, we will also know what they buy, how they found it and how they ordered it."

Commenting specifically upon the positive impact Prophet has brought to Dial-a-Phone's marketing campaigns, Richard O'Quinn Dial-a-Phone's marketing director commented: "Advertising online is a major part of our marketing mix, and we advertise across a broad spectrum of media, to generate traffic for the site. Prophet provides us with detailed information on the traffic we generate and now we can analyse the effectiveness of each campaign. That is to say, we can now measure campaign profitability even down to individual creatives and page positions. This lets us place our ads where they have been proven to be most successful. Also Prophet's simplicity and flexibility means that we can monitor many campaigns at once and change our campaigns and analysis very quickly without having to make changes to the reporting or site coding."

Announcing the Dial-a-Phone business win, Malcolm Duckett, speed-trap's VP Marketing said "Instead of the technology-focussed reports delivered by traditional analytics solutions, Prophet provides Dial-a-Phone with meaningful business insight allied with the ability to drill down to watch the individual sessions that lie behind the analysis, thus confirming their understanding or giving a new perspective on how users are attempting to use the Dial-a-Phone website."

About speed-trap
speed-trap invented client-side data collection. The company provides
technology and solutions that provide accurate, real-time and complete data
on the interactions between customers and their web sites and browser-based

speed-trap's unique and patented client-side data gathering technology
provides insight and data, which is being used by on-line organisations to
drive and monitor their on-line marketing activity including the monitoring, measurement and management of their on-line business. This includes applications such as campaign measurement, customer segmentation, customer
experience monitoring and performance measurement. Other customers are
using the technology to monitor key business metrics and drive real-time, anonymous personalisation and content management systems. speed-trap was
founded in late 1999; specifically to exploit its now patented technology.

speed-trap's Prophet won the coveted Technology Application Category award
and Overall Technology Award at the British Computer IT Professional Awards
in September 2003. speed-trap is based in the UK with headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire. See www.speed-trap.com for further information.

About Dial-a-Phone

Dial-a-Phone has grown from a handful of people in 1995 to now having over 600 employees. In that time Dial-a-Phone has supplied mobile phones on monthly contract to over one million customers, and the company deals with all the major networks and phone manufacturers.

Dial-a-Phone's success has come from offering the best deals in mobile phones direct to the public over the phone and through its website. Without the expense of high street shops, Dial-a-Phone cuts out the middleman and so is able to pass on the savings to customers.

The company is a major UK advertiser, and can be seen every day in many of
the national newspapers. Regular advertising slots on TV, as well as in national magazines and across the Internet, has made Dial-a-Phone's website one of the most visited mobile phone sites in the country. A largeproportion of its business also comes from recommendation by existing customers to their friends and relations.

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