YWCA England & Wales, the leading charity working with the most disadvantaged young women in England and Wales has a new web-based data solution called Datasalon, which provides highly detailed but easy access to supporter and management information.

Fundraising in the charity world is highly competitive and the system, provided by DataSalon Ltd, will allow YWCA to do creative analysis and marketing, giving the charity a potential lead over others in the sector.

The new system works alongside the charity’s existing database and campaigns systems. It means that YWCA can do sophisticated supporter data searches and export that information in seconds, giving the marketing team instant answers. Staff can now identify trends in supporter activity, access maps showing where supporters are by region and analyse loyalty and lifetime value. There are also easy to use reporting and analysis tools which provide clear business intelligence for the fundraising team, budget holders and trustees.

Caroline Hukins, YWCA’s Fundraising Director said; “The DataSalon system will allow us to target our marketing more effectively and increase revenue. We will be able to improve the way we communicate with both existing supporters and potential new supporters of YWCA.”

Jillian Monahan, Marketing Director of DataSalon Ltd said; “We are very happy to have provided YWCA with a flexible, cost effective, web-based system which helps streamline their data processes. This will allow staff to concentrate on building relationships with supporters and fundraising.”


Contact Details:
Jillian Monahan
DataSalon Ltd
info@datasalon.com or tel 07854 291 048

About DataSalon
• DataSalon Ltd is based in Oxford, UK and specialises in the fields of data integration, data analysis and online content. The company was founded in order to provide practical and innovative data solutions which are significantly faster, cheaper, and more flexible than those traditionally in use. DataSalon has major clients in the publishing, charity and academic sectors. For more information see www.datasalon.com

About YWCA England & Wales
• YWCA England & Wales is the leading charity working with the most disadvantaged young women in England & Wales. Young women face unique problems in today’s society. They are largely unheard and lack influence. We want a future where they can overcome prejudice and take charge of their own lives. We run services to support them and campaign with them to combat the discrimination they face. For more information see www.ywca.org.uk

• Join YWCA's campaign ‘More than one rung’ to help young women from disadvantaged backgrounds gain the skills they need to climb off the bottom rung of the career ladder and work towards a better future.
For more information see www.morethanonerung.org

• Please note the correct use of our name in full. YWCA England & Wales (with an ampersand not ‘and.’) After the first mention, it may be abbreviated to YWCA.

Published on: 12:00AM on 20th August 2007