Digital Communications agency Lateral has created the RSPCA’s new heavy weight site for overweight pets launches this week.

The site is the first community site for the RSPCA and aims to help owners help their pets to ‘fight the flab’ by providing a range of helpful guides and tips, as well as allowing users to share their experiences and useful information.

“Community sites are a fundamental way for charity brands to support campaigning online. The Internet was founded on the basis of communities sharing and discussing. That notion has grown stronger over the past decade with *38% of the current UK online population and over 77% of the UK youth population sharing and discussing in online communities. “ Said Mathew Riley, Group Account Director, Lateral.

“With Pet’s Get Slim, we tap into the fact that pet owners love to talk about their pets, giving them an opportunity to create their own pets pages and share their pets’ stories, while raising the issues of pet obesity at the same time. Owners are empowered to make a difference in their pets’ lives by being able to monitor weight change and share the resulting positive effects on their pets’ lives with a wider community.” Riley continued.

On the Pets page owners can upload a photo and details of their cat or dog and they, and other users, can follow their progress as they ‘shed those kilos’. Other pet owners can leave messages of encouragement.

Weight Clinic has helpful advice and videos to define whether your pet is overweight. TV Vet Joe Inglis provides feeding, exercise and weight loss tips, and features ‘slimmer of the week’.

The Forum allows owners to share tips, encourage each other and ask any questions that Joe could help with.

A News page keeps owners up-to-date with the Pets Get Slim road show and any further developments on the site.

A virtual weight checker - which will calculate users pets optimum weight - will be added later in the Autumn.

“We all know what encouragement, support and advice we need to loose weight and it’s no different when trying to do the same for our pets. A community site that shares this problem and supports owners was an obvious way forward to deal with this problem.“ Said Justine Pannett, Project Manager, Campaigns, RSPCA.


For Lateral please contact Karen Durham-Diggins
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For RSPCA please contact the RSPCA Press Office on 0870 7540244/288

Editors Notes:
&#8721; Forrester Q2 2007 UK Internet User Study

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Published on: 12:00AM on 24th August 2007