Epsilon and Goodmail Systems to offer CertifiedEmail free to all qualifying Epsilon clients

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – August 22, 2007 —Goodmail Systems, Inc. the creator of CertifiedEmail, today announced that Epsilon, a leading provider of multi-channel, data-driven marketing technologies and services, has become a CertifiedEmail Premier Provider. As a result, Epsilon clients that meet Goodmail’s rigorous accreditation standards will be able to send CertifiedEmail free-of-charge to customers who use AOL and Yahoo! email accounts until the end of 2008.

“We are very proud to announce that Epsilon – one of the most respected providers of multi-channel marketing solutions in the world – is now a CertifiedEmail Premier Provider,” added Daniel Dreymann, co-CEO of Goodmail. “We look forward to working with Epsilon and its Fortune 2000 clients to expand the CertifiedEmail program and demonstrate the enhanced consumer responsiveness and ROI that it can deliver.”

CertifiedEmail, available through a growing number of participating ISPs/mailbox providers, provides marketers with an additional option for improving email deliverability and the rendering of their email communications. At ISPs and mailbox providers who support CertifiedEmail, participating marketers’ messages receive assured inbox delivery, special labeling with a blue ribbon envelope icon in the email interface, and have fully functional HTML, links and images. With few exceptions, non-CertifiedEmails arrive in the inbox of many mailbox providers with HTML, links and images initially disabled or “turned off” as a consumer safety measure.

“As an industry leader, Epsilon has always been at the forefront of offering our clients unique and innovative delivery optimisation solutions and services,” said Ragy Thomas, president and chief technology officer, Epsilon’s Interactive Services group. “Our Premier partnership standing with Goodmail gives our nearly 500 clients, who combined send close to 30 billion messages annually, the opportunity to qualify and see CertifiedEmail’s potential impact on their email marketing ROI.”

In a study conducted by Epsilon and GfK Custom Research North America in February 2005, 89 percent of email users said they’d like their ISP or mailbox provider to include an icon to indicate whether messages are legitimate and from a trusted source. In another study conducted by Epsilon and GfK in July 2006, 65 percent said they had received email in their inbox with images disabled.

CertifiedEmail is available only to qualified senders with a history of good sending behaviour. These senders are also constantly monitored to make sure that their ongoing campaigns conform to the program’s acceptable use policy. This includes keeping complaint rates below very low thresholds across recipient mailbox providers. Violation of the acceptable use policy will result in the sender being placed on probation or excluded from further sending of CertifiedEmail.

About Epsilon
Epsilon is a leading provider of multi-channel, data-driven marketing technologies and services. Through its combination of client-centric marketing solutions, Epsilon helps leading companies understand, measure, manage and optimise their customer relationships. The organisation's end-to-end suite of integrated services includes strategic consulting, creative, data, database and loyalty technology, analytics, email and direct marketing distribution services to produce multi-channel marketing programs that generate measurable results throughout the customer lifecycle.

Founded in 1969, Epsilon is headquartered in Dallas, and comprises five business groups including Strategic Database Solutions, Interactive Services (formerly Epsilon Interactive), Agency and Direct Services, Data Services (formerly CPC Associates, Inc.) and Retail Solutions (Abacus). Epsilon works with more than 2,200 leading brands and has offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Epsilon is an Alliance Data company. For more information, visit www.epsilon.com.

About Goodmail Systems
Goodmail Systems makes CertifiedEmail™, the industry standard class of trusted email. CertifiedEmail provides a safe and reliable means for consumers to easily identify authentic messages from legitimate commercial and nonprofit senders. Each CertifiedEmail is sent with a cryptographically secure token that assures authenticity, and is marked in the inbox with a unique blue ribbon envelope icon, enabling consumers to visually distinguish messages which are real and sent from senders with whom they have a pre-existing relationship. Available to senders meeting strict standards for best email practices and low complaint rates, it is the only class of email available that assures delivery of all opt-in email messages to the inbox, with links and images automatically rendered intact, yielding measurable improvements in email program effectiveness. CertifiedEmail has been adopted by seven of the United States’ top ten mailbox providers and 150 government agencies. It is supported in North America and the United Kingdom by a wide network of email platforms and service providers. For more information, please visit www.goodmailsystems.com.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 24th August 2007