CheetahMail, a global leading email marketing solution of Experian Digital and Goodmail Systems, Inc., the creator of CertifiedEmail, today announced that CheetahMail is now making CertifiedEmail available to all qualified CheetahMail clients who have been pre-accredited by Goodmail. Under terms of the partnership, CheetahMail, is one of two CertifiedEmail Premier Providers that is able to offer complimentary CertifiedEmail to their new and existing customers at participating ISPs through the end of 2008.

CertifiedEmail is a class of trusted email available to senders with the best email practices and the lowest complaint rates. It improves email effectiveness by delivering permission-based email messages specially marked with a unique blue ribbon envelope icon to consumers who have requested them. Currently supported by seven of the nation’s top 10 mailbox providers, CertifiedEmail has been shown to improve email marketing value, as all trusted-class messages are delivered directly to the Inbox with links and images rendered by default. ISPs commonly block links and images of regular email as a consumer safety mechanism.

The addition of Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail program further expands the list of comprehensive deliverability services and brand-building programs available to CheetahMail clients. As an authority on deliverability and compliance, CheetahMail continues to seek out methodologies and services that will assist in maintaining the efficacy of the online channel and the overall brand value of its clients.

“Enabling clients to effectively communicate with their customers is a top priority for CheetahMail so it’s important for us to partner with complementary businesses that show value to our clients,” said Jude Hudson, Chief Technology Officer for CheetahMail UK. “Since CertifiedEmails are rendered as designed, with all images and content intact — this opportunity has the potential to increase the value of their email program.”

Following a recent national poll that indicated a majority of consumers would be more likely to open and read email if the sending company displays a certified icon in the email program, this partnership enables consumers to immediately distinguish real messages from legitimate senders via the CertifiedEmail blue ribbon envelope icon that appears next to CertifiedEmails in the Inbox of participating ISPs. The trust icon appears in both the inbox list view and in a special pane above the message when opened.

“CheetahMail is a market leader whose client base includes most of the nation’s marquee brands,” said Daniel Dreymann, co-CEO of Goodmail. “Having their messages sent as CertifiedEmail means their messages get through as designed, and their consumers receive a fully functional message specially marked as authentic and desired.”

About CheetahMail

CheetahMail is the trusted global service provider of email marketing for Fortune 1000 enterprises. CheetahMail’s broad range of client services, enables clients to build data-driven, relevant relationships with their customers. Servicing the world’s most recognizable brands, CheetahMail’s globally diverse client base includes Borders Books, CompUSA, Discovery Communications, H&R Block, J.Jill, Sears Holdings Corporation and Wyndham Hotels. CheetahMail, a business unit of Experian® Group Ltd. (LSE:EXPN), was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam and Barcelona. For more information, please visit or email

About Goodmail Systems

Goodmail Systems makes CertifiedEmail™, the industry standard class of trusted email. CertifiedEmail provides a safe and reliable means for consumers to easily identify authentic messages from legitimate commercial and nonprofit senders. Each CertifiedEmail is sent with a cryptographically secure token that assures authenticity, and is marked in the Inbox with a unique blue ribbon envelope icon, enabling consumers to visually distinguish messages which are real and sent from senders with whom they have a pre-existing relationship. Available to senders meeting strict standards for best email practices and low complaint rates, it is the only class of email available that assures delivery of all opt-in email messages to the Inbox, with links and images automatically rendered intact, yielding measurable improvements in email program effectiveness. CertifiedEmail has been adopted by seven of the nation’s top ten mailbox providers and 150 government agencies. It is supported in North America and the United Kingdom by a wide network of email platforms and service providers. For more information, please visit

Published on: 12:00AM on 24th August 2007