First step towards a European network

TradeTracker, a provider of affiliate marketing services and technology, launched today in the UK market. The UK launch of TradeTracker is their first step towards a pan-European network of affiliate advertisers and publishers. After the launch, more European countries will follow in the coming months.

TradeTracker is a Dutch provider of affiliate marketing services and technology. After growing to become Holland's largest affiliate marketing party within 3 years, TradeTracker has now begun their international expansion. TradeTracker is opening offices in several European countries to attract the local advertisers and affiliates.

The UK Launch
The choice to first move to the UK market speaks for itself. CEO Paul van Doorn said: “The online advertising market in the UK is the most developed market in Europe. An enormous challenge is waiting for TradeTracker in the UK. We're working with a very agressive, but acheivable target and we have every belief that we're going to make it on the UK market.”

TradeTracker wants to become one of the top 5 players in the UK affiliate market.
“At the moment there are several Dutch merchants who are willing to join TradeTracker with their move to the UK market. We expect to present several dozen of campaigns to the English affiliates within two or three months.
In the coming months, TradeTracker will also launch in other European markets, such as Germany and Italy.

User friendly software and direct linking system
One of the big reasons why TradeTracker became Holland's market leader within a short period, is the user friendly software which is also suitable for the less experienced internet user. TradeTracker also developed a unique direct linking system, which means that an affiliate website contains a direct URL to the website of the merchant. The direct linking system brings several advantages for merchants as well as for affiliates.
TradeTracker also offers their merchants a standard linking method and the new cleanlinking method.

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About TradeTracker
TradeTracker was founded in 2004. TradeTracker offers online advertisers (merchants) and publishers the possibility to generate and/or optimise online marketing and sales activitities on a performance basis. TradeTracker is already the largest affiliate marketing company in the Dutch market, with more than 700 online advertisers.

You can contact Thomas van Doorn for more information by e-mail: and/or by phone: 020 7712 1651

TradeTracker UK limited
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Canary Wharf
Telephone: 020 7712 165

Published on: 12:00AM on 10th October 2007