Flirtomatic has newly enlisted the services of Admob, and early signs reveal that the mobile sales agency is on track to meet the recent increase in demand for Flirtomatic mobile media. The news is another major development for the online and mobile based flirting service which boasts partnership deals with Screen Tonic and 4th Screen Advertising. Recent brands to run mobile advertising with Flirtomatic include household names Smirnoff, ITV and O2.

Gigi Dryer, commercial advisor at Flirtomatic, comments, “With both Google and Yahoo moving into the mobile advertising space, a clear trend has been identified. The potential of mobile advertising has been talked about for a long time, but it is only now that it is coming to fruition. The rapid growth in mobile advertising revenue which Flirtomatic is experiencing further exemplifies this change.”

The advertising industry has been forced to look beyond traditional methods to reach consumers in recent times, as consumer behaviour and habits have moved away from TV and radio towards new mediums. Flirtomatic believes that everything is rapidly falling into place for a boom in advertising on mobile.

Mark Curtis, CEO of Flirtomatic, “The latest advances in mobile technology, coupled with the fact that so many of us now own or make regular use of a mobile, mean it is finally ready to fulfil its potential as the ideal platform for advertisers,” explains Curtis.

“Consumers use mobiles for an increasing number of activities - checking emails, keeping up to date with the latest news, shopping and of course flirting! By understanding mobile usage and users, advertisers can target their market more directly than ever before.”

Mobile marketing has been boosted by the recent decision by the majority of UK operators to revamp their mobile internet packages - making it easier and cheaper for people to get online whilst on the move. Also, recent research has revealed there are now more mobiles than people in the UK - some 71 million handsets for a population of 60 million*. Advertisers have an ever growing audience to tap in to.

Given mobile advertising’s rapid evolution, it’s easy to see why so many leading brands are keen to promote their products and services on the Flirtomatic WAP site – which has a registered user base of over 500,000 and rising. In addition, Flirtomatic recorded more than 100 million WAP impressions in August 2007 - a little over a year after the service’s launch.

“As one of the UK’s most popular mobile destinations we have seen a surge in the number of brands interested in advertising on Flirtomatic,” says Curtis. “The growth potential in this sector is huge and companies need to act quickly or risk letting their competitors take the lead. “



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* Research by First Direct Bank in September 2007
Notes to Editor
About Handmade Mobile Entertainment …
The company was formed in June 2004 by Avi Azulai, co-founder of iTouch, and Mark Curtis, a former Managing Partner in Fjord and Razorfish.

Its first product is Flirtomatic. Launched in 2006, this has quickly developed flirting as a new entertainment category. Operating an uninterrupted service across the web and mobile, Flirtomatic enables users to flirt, meet new people and have fun online.

August 2007 saw Flirtomatic reach more than 100 million WAP page impressions, whilst September 2007 surpassed 110 million WAP page impressions, highlighting the high levels of interaction generated by the addictive nature of the service. Flirtomatic offers brands a range of marketing opportunities to tap into this intimacy with their customer base.

Published on: 12:00AM on 12th October 2007