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October 11th, 2007: depo consulting are launching deXpo, the first event in a planned series to build a stronger community between Second Life developers and organisations interested in exploring the opportunities in virtual worlds, deXpo is taking place October 19th between 4pm-4am, to take advantage of the global developer community, on the depo business park: -


The objectives are to provide a forum in Second Life where people can meet, recruit, buy services and engage, as well as develop deeper relationships within the virtual worlds environment, starting with the developer community. To this effect, depo consulting will be running regular expos, seminars and presentations, all part of the plan to develop a best practice format for virtual get-togethers and networking events.

The events will bring together the developers who actually deliver the virtual environments like offices, showrooms or shops for business, and companies who may be looking for new talent or technology, or maybe just inspiration. At the same time, they will also introduce the real-life companies looking to meet developers for potential projects or exploring partnership opportunities in Second Life or other virtual worlds.

Attending deXpo will be free both for exhibitors and delegates, and deXpo will feature interactive features alongside the expo itself, such as presentations and seminars from the exhibitors as well as performances by live musicians, fashion-shows, etc.

Peter Dunkley, depo consulting's founder says: “Developers in virtual worlds are a very new type of business, many of which are small and (pardon the pun) virtually unknown. For the bigger developer corporations there is plenty of work available, but we want to facilitate access to the cutting-edge skills for small to medium-sized entrants to Second Life. There is a crucial and diverse talent pool that you ignore at your peril as they have very special skills with a deep understanding of the possibilities of creating in virtual environments, all honed in Second Life over a relatively long period of time, but not necessarily tied to a specific organisation."

"Similar events would be expensive in the real world, if even possible at all, given the global distribution of talent and demand for services. We will here be providing the opportunity for real dialogue with and within the developer community, while also gaining an understanding on a deeper level of what abilities are available out there, which are not part of any bigger corporations but are freelance or even doing Second Life development on the side.” Our experience has shown that engaging with the talent within Second Life enables the delivery of better solutions for our clients more cost-effectively,” adds Peter.

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depo consulting delivers an enhanced virtual brand and working experience for companies’ internal audiences as well as to consumers, effectively creating new cost-efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th October 2007