Future Platforms, the mobile design and development consultancy, today announces its collaboration with Trutap Limited and its role in helping to develop trutap’s new mobile service. Future Platforms was selected by trutap to provide consultancy and development around the on-phone side of its platform, which recently launched in beta, while trutap’s internal development team built the back-end and infrastructure.

Future Platforms’ visual and interaction design experts worked closely with trutap’s product team to design a cutting-edge user experience where users seamlessly access instant messaging, blogging, contacts and trutap’s own messaging system, all through their mobile devices.

With trutap’s project Future Platforms has raised the bar of what can be achieved with Mobile Java. Created within the robust framework of Future Platforms’ rapid development platform, Cactus, the on-phone application is tightly integrated with trutap’s messaging services. It provides camera and phonebook access and a rich visual interface that remains consistent across a wide range of handsets.

Carl Uminski, Chief Technical Officer at trutap, says: “Future Platforms’ dedication and passion around our project matched our own and assured us that we had chosen the right partner. The team’s expertise and world-class credentials contributed to a slick and compelling user experience, and using Future Platform’s robust Cactus platform meant that we have been able to reduce time-to-market.”

Tom Hume, founder of Future Platforms said: “Our work with trutap builds on our experience of helping entrepreneurial clients turn new concepts into strong commercial products. This complex project has allowed us to push our Cactus platform further than ever before, and the result is a Java application with an almost Flash-like appearance.

“We’re proud of our work with trutap and are looking forward to their full UK launch.”

Notes to editors

About trutap
trutap is an easy-to-use free mobile service that for the first time, combines all the elements of a young person's social life into one application. With trutap users can easily connect and converse with friends and family, wherever they are, whenever they want. trutap currently operates in over 210 countries across the world and will operate in more shortly.

About Future Platforms
Future Platforms is a design and development consultancy focusing solely on mobile technology. The company was founded in 2000 and develops high end, quality mobile applications that truly take digital media beyond the PC.

Having built a reputation for quality interface design and technical innovation in the mobile sector, Future Platforms has created applications and campaigns for a range of blue chip brands and mobile operators, including the BBC, Harcourt Publishing, Audi, Discovery Channel, EMI, Nokia, Orange and Puzzler Media.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th October 2007