October 19th 2007 - This week LeadPoint, the world’s first lead exchange market place, launches the LeadPoint LeadStore. The LeadStore enables brokers to purchase “aftermarket” leads at reduced prices.

“The LeadStore adds another dimension to the LeadPoint offering. We’ve built our success through a technology platform that allows leads to be traded in real time,” said Nick Chapman, LeadPoint UK Managing Director. “Although real time leads tend to have a better performance as the consumer is “hotter”, not everybody can or wants to work in real time and the LeadStore gives an extra flexibility to the lead buyer.”

The LeadStore is available to all LeadPoint account holders and complements the lead generation activities of both lead buyers and lead sellers. The advantage to lead buyers is that the leads are cheaper as they are not sold in real time and the lead seller benefits as all leads are sold whatever the loan amount, postal area or LTV. All LeadStore leads are sold exclusively and are available for all products. Brokers can search by the age of the lead, postal area, credit rating, loan amount and LTV. As soon as the lead is purchased, the consumer will immediately be sent an email letting them know they have been matched with a broker who will contact them about their request for advice.

“The LeadStore leads also provide companies with an opportunity to buy cheap leads in bulk to use for training purposes. When a lead is purchased, the real work begins as it is down to the broker to close the deal. The cheaper leads can be used by brokers to hone their skills so that they can maximise their ROI.”

LeadPoint’s technology brings buyers and sellers together in a truly unbiased marketplace. The company ensures a fair exchange by monitoring lead quality and customers themselves. Leads are competitively priced based on bids, performance and ratings by members of the LeadPoint community. The platform allows buyers to change bids in real time, and enables sellers to more efficiently sell leads and to enter multiple verticals simultaneously.

LeadPoint is the world’s first lead exchange marketplace. Buyers efficiently acquire customers and sellers easily increase profits through LeadPoint’s innovative trading platform and marketplace model. The privately held company was founded in 2004 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. For more information please visit LeadPoint on the web at www.leadpoint.com and www.leadpoint.co.uk.

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Justin Rees
Head of Marketing, Leadpoint UK Ltd
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Published on: 12:00AM on 19th October 2007