**“The rules the filter companies are using are bound to catch legitimate marketers; these are the Dolphins in the Tuna nets.” Mike Parry, MD, EmailBureau**

Interactive Prospect Targeting Ltd (IPT) announces the launch of EmailMonitor, a suite of services designed to help marketers improve the delivery of their legitimate, opt-in campaigns.

“Just measuring bounces and assuming the rest of your email has been delivered is false economy these days. With the major ISP's filtering and absorbing up to 58% of all emails as Spam, the marketer has to understand what’s happening to his email before, during and after email campaigns to maintain a high ROI” warns Mike Parry, MD, EmailBureau.

As with most things there are two sides to every story. Whilst the ISPs and Mail filter businesses are fighting the good fight against Spam, marketers are inadvertently falling foul of the filters and seeing their legitimate campaigns wasted as a result.

It isn’t necessarily a case of the Spam filters arbitrarily blocking every “marketing message”; the number of mails to be filtered is vast, Brightmail tended to 80 billion in December 2003, so mistakes are inevitable and the Spammers are gaining ground in sophistication so the filters are constantly adapting. Mike Parry comments, “The rules the filter companies are using are bound to catch legitimate marketers; these are the Dolphins in the Tuna nets.”

Therefore IPT has launched EmailMonitor to give marketers greater insight into how these filters work, so that one can work with them rather than against them.

EmailMonitor’s suite of products, available individually or in conjunction, will maximise the reach and ROI of email campaigns by improving the quality of address lists and deliverability of specific messages.

EmailHygiene corrects poor quality addresses and reduces bounce, thus strengthening ISP relationships. MailBoxMonitor provides real-time delivery updates for the top ISPs to track the status of email campaigns. MessageCheck ensures emails are deliverable before sending them and suggests corrective changes in line with prevalent junk mail filter rules. IPBlockAlert tests IP addresses against major Spam block companies to confirm the safety of a marketer’s IP address before send.

EmailMonitor is a unique product to IPT but is not restricted to IPT clients; anyone who is sending email campaigns of any significance can benefit from the services.

EmailMonitor is further proof of IPT’s commitment to client requirements. In October 2003 the company invested in IronPort mail servers gaining the ability to assign unique IP addresses to each clients’ campaigns.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 9th February 2004