London, 25 October 2007 – A new service from Conchango, the interactive media agency, allows clients to measure the performance of their websites and their digital operations. The advent of Web 2.0 has driven companies to evaluate and refresh their digital services putting greater emphasis not just on investment but also on measuring the effectiveness of their digital strategies.

In response to this growing need, Conchango has created a range of performance measurement tools which prove the ROI of digital strategies before, during and after implementation, track online behaviour, and provide sophisticated reporting interfaces which allow vital data to be fed back into sales and marketing plans.

The new dedicated performance measurement team is headed up by David Ellis, who joins from digital agency i-level where he was Head of Analytics. It will research and assess audience types and provide analysis of behavioural patterns. Initial measurement planning processes highlight key performance indicators and create a “value map” to show how digital operations fit into wider business goals and benefits.

The new service extends beyond pure digital performance into business planning for customer and brand satisfaction, usability and other measures. Measurement strategies developed at the outset of a project ensure that results are captured in an efficient and accurate way.

There is also potential to apply the same techniques to offline data gathered from satisfaction surveys, focus groups and in-store tracking systems thereby providing a holistic overview of customer/brand touch-points.

David Ellis, head of performance measurement at Conchango said, “The service we’re providing goes a step further than pure web analytics. It’s one thing to deliver reams of data but quite another to evaluate that information to provide valuable customer or business insight. Companies who refuse to consider the value of customer data risk implementing poor online strategies which will lead to missed commercial and marketing opportunities.

“Understanding the value of digital is vital to providing new levels of sophistication in customer service. By its very nature, digital consumer data provides a degree of detail and timeliness that you can’t get from offline. And, as digital becomes an increasingly valuable sales channel, our new performance measurement tools will enable businesses to prove conclusively the value of their digital strategies.”

About Conchango
Conchango was established in 1991 to deliver business and consumer solutions through the effective and innovative use of technology. Conchango helps organisations look at new ways to improve the way they interact with customers and suppliers, through the use of customer-centred techniques. Clients also look to Conchango to support them in future technology investment decisions and build enterprise applications across a variety of media and technology platforms.

Conchango’s skillset and approach is an integrated one that puts the skills of consumer knowledge and brand understanding alongside deep technology development and systems integration skills.

The results are applications, websites, intranets, kiosks and mobile applications that are useful, usable, robust and accessible, first time out.

Conchango’s approach is to focus on initiatives that deliver the greatest tangible improvement for their clients’ businesses. This is achieved by adopting the Scrum approach to agile programming, whereby development teams deliver bite-sized chunks of complex projects in 30-day “sprints”.

Conchango has worked hard to integrate the disciplines of user-centred design (UCD) and Agile development methodologies that have traditionally not blended well. Having worked in both these approaches for several years now, Conchango has a mature model that enables agile projects to leverage the best of UCD and branding.

Conchango won the Information Management Award and received the Microsoft Certified Partner Award for best business intelligence solutions. Conchango has also won awards for Best Websites for Virgin Atlantic and

Conchango’s main market areas are Retail, Financial Services and Media. Customers include: Boots, Bristol & West, Capital One, Chevron, Financial Times, HMV, Lloyd’s, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Mobile. Its strategic partners include Microsoft, BEA, Fast and Ab Initio.

Headquartered in the UK, Conchango has offices in London, Surrey, India and New York.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 25th October 2007