The research, by NetExtract, on UK online retailers has found websites are not providing customers with multiple contact details and many offer limited delivery options and customer testimonials. With 24 million parcels from online retailers failing to be delivered first time and 4 million not arriving at all over the 2006 Christmas period (source: IMRG, Jan 07), having multiple contact channels and delivery options is key to reassure potential customers.

Findings show that 60% of UK online retailers have no telephone number on their website, 43% have no address indicating where the business is located and 39% have no contact email address. 30% of sites profiled provided no telephone number or email address.

11% of online retailers provided a free postage or delivery service, while only 15% mentioned offering a next day or Special Delivery service. Of the delivery companies named on the websites Royal Mail services (including Special Delivery) was identified in 17% of cases.

With 71% of online shoppers seeking out ratings and reviews [source: Forrester] it is surprising that only 38% of online retailers have a testimonial or comments part on their website. A FAQ page was identified on 10% of sites.

NetExtract’s Managing Director, Thomas Roberts said “consumers require reassurance before purchasing from online retailers. This analysis has highlighted that many online retailers can help further reduce the fears of potential customers by offering multiple contact channels, delivery options and adding testimonials from current customers to their sites”.

About NetExtract

NetExtract identifies content and technical characteristics from websites. Both the keyword & phrase extractor and product & price monitoring service enable clients to identify specific ebusiness information from websites. The monitoring service helps online retailers gain a competitive advantage from receiving regular data feeds on their competitors’ products and price movements. New and de-listed products are tracked as well as price changes to help improve rankings on shopping comparison sites, help buyers negotiate with suppliers and for setting price strategies.

Having profiled over 1.5 million UK websites, NetExtract has identified the key technical and content characteristics of websites. By using the keyword and phrase extractor NetExtract can identify business information that is not currently available from traditional data owners. Clients provide particular words and phrases that are searched for and identified from websites. Clients such as Rackspace,, Department of Work & Pensions and Royal Mail have benefited from our services.

About the Research

From the 1.5 million UK websites on NetExtract’s database, NetExtract has identified 30,000 sites that have shopping cart facilities and sell online. The findings in the report were developed by profiling a 10,000 sample of these UK online retailers’ websites. NetExtract’s unique site crawling technology and keyword and phrase extractor was used to identify specific information which was then analyzed to produce the results.

Using site crawling technology, the contact details; address, phone, fax and email were searched for within each of the sites in the sample. Using the keyword & phrase extractor particular terms was searched for to identify any customer testimonials, comments or FAQ pages on the websites. By searching for particular keywords within each of the online retailers websites, NetExtract was able to identify what % of sites offered particular delivery options.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 20th September 2007