Leading search engine marketing company Weboptimiser and Grouptivity, an innovative US company providing software solutions for online publishers, have today announced a partnership to bring their Email+ solution to Europe’s online publishers. Through its ownership structure, Grouptivity has the backing of key entrepreneurs and innovators in the online world, including Ankesh Kumar, founder and CEO, who has been responsible for growing the business from its establishment to its current market value of $25m.

The deal sees Weboptimiser appointed as the sole European distributor of Grouptivity’s Email+ product. It has been designed to significantly improve the web user’s experience by allowing site visitors to share and discuss web content in private. The software gives web publishers visibility and control over their own content as users distribute as their personally generated content through email.

The software works by allowing visitors to forward web pages, stories and content from a website using secure and private email, which is branded to the content provider. The visitor can then initiate instant and private discussions about that content with their friends. As their friends engage in the content, these ‘new users’ also become visitors of the originating website but without a sign up process. The audience is building up the site’s traffic by forwarding its content.

The approach helps deepen the relationship between publisher and users by giving visitors a better experience, reinforcing the publishers brand and providing more relevant content by understanding what content is most valued by readers from analysis of the web pages most frequently forwarded.

The additional page views generated through these processes give publishers more routes to generate revenue, by opening up new opportunities previously unavailable to them. For instance, publishers can increase their advertising inventory by selling advertising on emails and in newly formed discussion groups. They can also increase their reach to key demographics, including the elusive 18-34 year old tech savvy audience, who are especially keen on user generated content.

David White, CEO of Weboptimiser Media Ltd believes this is an important innovation for the company’s publisher clients. “Our clients want to get more from their site visitors. Weboptimiser not only helps companies increase their traffic and visitors, but it now offers an exclusive tool to help those visitors stay on the site. This innovative new approach gives visitors a better experience, whilst increasing traffic through a viral marketing approach.”

Ankesh Kumar President and CEO of appMail LLC, which owns Grouptivity, says “Email+ has enjoyed considerable success in the US and we are very excited to be bringing these benefits to publishers across Europe through this partnership with Weboptimiser. Grouptivity was founded to banish ineffective email communications for the end-user, whilst at the same time giving publishers more control over their content, and therefore more opportunities to monetize their content. The tool is simple to use and really effective, so we’re hoping for a great response from the European marketplace.”


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Notes to editors
User generated content continues to grow in popularity in the UK. According to Nielsen//NetRatings, 18.8 million Britons, or 60% of the online population, visited at least one of the top 10 web 2.0 sites in July 2007.

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Since 1996, Weboptimiser has specialised in search engine marketing through search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC), providing clients with successful search strategies to grow their business.

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About Grouptivity
Grouptivity was founded with one idea in mind - to make working with groups easier and faster, and to get rid of ineffective communication that go back and forth through email. Grouptivity's collaborative tool leverages email to collect and share information with friends, family, teams and associations, and provides a central location for all comments to be posted and viewed.
Grouptivity’s parent company is AppMail LLC. The company offers a new breed of software that turns email into a powerful business tool to automate processes and boost effective employee communications. For more information about Grouptivity and AppMail LLC please visit: www.grouptivity.com

Published on: 12:00AM on 1st October 2007