Just as the hugely successful Bank of Scotland totalART Andy Warhol exhibition comes to an end, Japanese technology is being introduced for a final marketing push by the National Galleries of Scotland.

A poster site featuring an odd looking square with a series of black and white dots has been set up on Princes Street, Edinburgh, just a stone’s throw from the Warhol exhibition on The Mound. Known as a QR (quick response) code – it contains information that is unlocked by camera phones that have the corresponding software installed.

These two-dimensional bar-codes, widely used in Japan, provide instant access to web-sites or other information such as product details. The mobile web experience has moved on from its stilted introduction of a few years back. Quick access to quality content is now the norm and with the arrival of QR codes the fiddly process of inputting long web addresses has become a thing of the past.

Spring Corporation, a Scottish based digital ideas agency is working with the National Galleries of Scotland to take advantage of latest technologies such as the QR code. The Galleries are thought to be the 1st major arts organisation to harness this opportunity. The poster on Princes Street features a unique QR code that links via camera phones to a Warhol WAP site specially created by Spring Corp.

Ross Wilson, head of marketing for the National Galleries of Scotland, “Spring Corporation are getting us used to using digital in new and more effective ways and by being amongst the first in the UK to trial QR codes we’ve been given an enviable head-start. We’re already looking ahead to 2008 and as use of this technology spreads we will be using the codes to make our print material even more effective by giving a willing and captive audience direct links to valuable and engaging content”.

Mino Russo business development director at Spring Corporation adds, “The National Galleries have seen the potential and value of connecting with potential visitors through QR codes. People are getting used to accessing the web beyond the office desktop or home and QR codes makes it that bit easier. If we follow the Japanese on this we should by 2008 begin to see QR codes creeping into a range of materials such as posters, flyers and point of sales material. Rather than wait till 2008, we’re already working with clients from a range of sectors who are set to take advantage of this new techonology

Notes to Editors

Poster Location
Outside Marks & Spencer, 54 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2DQ
From: Wednesday 26th September 2007

Please contact Mino Russo (see below)

Mino Russo
Spring Corporation
0131 558 5417 / 0781 556 5558

Notes to editor

About Spring Corporation
Spring Corporation is a full service digital agency focused on utilising internet technologies in new ways including mobile, touchscreen and bluetooth. The founding partners have worked solely online for the past 10 years providing digital strategy and expertise to a range of UK and international brands.

About the exhibition
Bank of Scotland totalART: Andy Warhol is at the National is at the National Gallery Complex, The Mound, Edinburgh, from 4 August until 7 October. Admission £8 (concession £6), free to children under 12

Bank of Scotland totalART Andy Warhol is the first in a series of two major modern art exhibitions at the National Gallery Complex featuring Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys. Bank of Scotland will invest over £400,000 in the programme over the next two years.

Published on: 12:00AM on 1st October 2007