The London office of international, interactive marketing agency Web Liquid Group has been named ‘The Most Efficient Marketing Agency’ in the UK by New Media Age’s, NMA Top 100 Interactive Agencies 2007, for the second year running.

The agency - with offices in London and New York - also raced up the overall Top Marketing Agencies from 40th place in 2006 to 24th in 2007 thanks to their turnover of £4,618,806 (year to date November 2006) a 67% year on year growth from 2005 to 2006.

At the date of the survey, Web Liquid had 7 full time staff, giving efficiency (turnover/staff) of £659,829.43 per staff member, 103% greater than their closest competitor in the number 2 position.

David Shiell, Web Liquid Co-Founder and UK Managing Director explained why such accolades are important? “The interactive marketing space is extremely resource intensive. Running an efficient shop that doesn’t ‘burn out’ staff takes a reliable and validated methodology coupled with intelligent data mining and long term committed clients that believe in true agency-client integration. There is a plethora of inefficiency out in the market place and we are extremely proud to be leading the country in this category of efficiency, whilst growing our business at a steady rate”.

About Web Liquid
With offices in London and New York, Web Liquid is a premier international interactive agency offering full-service digital marketing solutions to world-class brands including Avis Rent a Car, Hilton Hotels and XL Leisure Group. The company provides advertising and consulting services to ensure its thinking generates returns. Every client is allocated a client partner ensuring they benefit from seasoned, experienced IPA certified professionals. Focusing on optimal ROI and actionable data analytics, the company’s services comprise business consulting, communications strategy, media planning/buying and creative development, online product distribution, brand impact, ROI and performance optimization as well as specialised social media marketing and measurement skill sets via its ‘Consumer Generated Insights’ division.

Published on: 12:00AM on 1st October 2007