The SMS voting opportunity supplies bespoke SMS solution for
Edinburgh Festival hit show

SMS competitions and voting is big business for broadcasters and brand advertisers. With an increasing number of consumers now responding to advertising with their mobile phone it adds a sought-after dimension to live shows and advertising campaigns.

As with any aspect of live performance, programmes need to be sure their supplier is one hundred percent reliable with a customer service record second to none. The Glynn Nicholas Group, producers of Edinburgh Festival hit, “Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision” chose leading SMS company,, to manage this complex and crucial service on the show’s month long run in August. The solution provided by at just a few days notice, overcame a number of key issues associated with voting by mobile.

Most SMS voting systems are not built for such a complex voting requirement. Since the service is provided with an open API (Application Programming Interface), a high degree of application tailoring is possible. In this case, in addition to announcing the overall winners in order, the Glynn Nicholas Group wanted to tally up the total votes from each audience section – the audience being grouped into supporters of the ten competing countries.

Immediacy is a common problem with SMS voting. The system must be robust enough to handle a high volume of texts and deliver the results over a short space of time. successfully provides this service together with the functionality to deliver the results real time, in this case, very fast indeed; the outcome was announced to the audience within a minute of close of voting. The results were made immediately visible on a web page which the (non technical) compare accessed, and then reappeared on stage to reveal the winning acts.

“Without the support and advice of, the process would have failed in the hectic backstage environment,” says Nigel Godfrey, the Director of Blue Box Entertainment. “I think the lateral thinking involved in understanding our requirement, and tailoring a solution in such a short space of time was where they added real value.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 4th October 2007