Leading clothing e-tailer, koodos, puts unedited customer reviews of its clothes on its website

Fashion followers are being urged by a leading fashion e-tailer to give their critical appraisal of the designer clothes on its website. koodos.com is asking its customers to review the well-cut yet cut-price branded gear for which it is famous - and the more candid the reviews, the better.

koodos.com, which sells discounted goods by designers including Gucci, Chloe, and Diesel, has joined forces with independent customer review service Reevoo to collect comments from shoppers who have already bought high-fashion goods from their website, at discounts up to 80%. Shoppers shouldn’t be afraid to be frank, since the aim is for other buyers to get an honest opinion of the products on sale and every comment is published, whether full of praise or critical. Shoppers have already left their opinions on a huge range of fashion items they’ve recently purchased.

koodos CEO Miriam Lahage said: “We’ve decided that there is no place for the digital equivalent of flattering mirrors, cosmetic lighting or indiscriminate sales staff on our site. We want our customers to tell each other what they really think of our fashions so they can be confident they’re making an informed choice.”

Plenty of reviewers are highly satisfied with their bargain buys. One customer reveals how friends have remarked that her “bum looks nice” in a pair of jeans. A bra buyer says it makes her feel “very pretty and feminine,” while a second says her husband loves hers: “A hit all-round.” A handbag buyer comments, “It looks its price, unlike other designer bags that can look cheap and nasty.” Meanwhile a woman who’s bought “lovely’’ shoes says: “So far no-one has made any comments, but perhaps they’re just envious!”

Equally important are the critical reviews. For example, two customers reported that they suffered from the weight of their newly-purchased handbags. One says: “It gives me a migraine carrying it!” while another laments: “It’s so heavy I can only carry it for a few hours.” A customer reported that a top she purchased looked “quite old and shabby” after just one wash.

Another shopper loves her trousers, but cautions: “They are very long so can only be worn with killer heels.”

Reevoo asks verified koodos customers for feedback on their purchases via email, and comments and ratings are published both on koodos.com and reevoo.com.

Reevoo CEO Richard Anson said: “Online reviews are the word of mouth recommendations of the 21st century and everyone loves commenting on fashion. Whether someone feels like a million dollars or a bit less flush after buying those must-have jeans or shirt, they can now let others know. What we know is that customers appreciate the frankness and are more likely to shop at a store that allows customers to tell it as it is.”

YouGov research commissioned by Reevoo recently revealed that customer reviews are five times more likely to prompt online consumers to part with their cash than advertising.

koodos CEO Miriam Lahage added: “We’re delighted with the customer response to impartial reviews. It’s a bit like having a team of budding Trinnies and Susannahs on the site, offering a view on what we’re selling so that customers can be sure they look the part.

“When it comes to fashion, what we want is frank advice, not misplaced flattery. To get a sense of whether your bum is likely to look big, small or perfectly formed in something, rather than a bum steer, will be a big advantage to our customers.”

“Looks its price, unlike other designer bags that look cheap and nasty.”
“If it weren’t so darned heavy it would be suitable for loads of things, but it gives me a migraine carrying it!”
“So heavy I can only carry it around for a few hours.”

Jeans and trousers:
“They are very long so can only be worn with killer heels.”
“Friends say my bum looks nice in it.”
“It looks really good, very flattering.”

Tops and T-shirts:
“After the first (careful) wash it looked quite old and shabby.”
“It’s for everyday use, although since it’s quite low-cut there are times when it’s not appropriate!”

“Gorgeous. It’s a good fit and makes me feel very girly and pretty.”
“My husband loved it. A hit all round!”

“Design lovely. Looks a bit plastic.”

“Everyone asks: How can you afford Prada?”


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About Reevoo

Reevoo is an independent company which collects and publishes genuine reviews, to help online shoppers decide what - and what not - to buy. Its retail partners include Currys, Dixons, Woolworths, the Carphone Warehouse, Jessops and fashion website Koodos.

About koodos.com

koodos is the leading online outlet offering stylish brands at very smart prices. Operating with the utmost integrity, koodos guarantees that every product it sells is 100 per cent authentic.

Published on: 12:00AM on 19th November 2007