As new and exciting redeveloped venues across the UK have attracted a new generation of gig-goers, digital communications agency Glass have produced a live music community website – - for Atomic London which promises to transform the way live music is discovered and promoted.
Atomic manage a portfolio of musical artists and are passionate about promoting the unique experience of live music. The Atomic London team, led by MD Mick Newton, has collectively over 30 years of music experience which helps them guide the careers of artists from rock legends to pop icons. As well as managing major recording artists and liaising with all of the major record labels and production companies, Atomic London have always been champions the next “new band” and those artists who have not quite yet made it into the limelight. creates a community based around just that – bands that can really play LIVE. The content includes gigs and reviews of all the household names and stadium giants, but it is mostly about artists you might not have heard of, that might be coming up through the ranks. is therefore a user-generated website devoted to promoting great live music, contributed to by live music enthusiasts, with the underlying message of “Catch ‘em now before they get famous!” Its focus on the live music scene ensures that it does not get distracted by CD releases, album reviews and general music biz gossip.
The new site, which launched simultaneously in both UK and US versions, covers gig listings in both territories, includes a gig calendar, a photo-gallery, a streaming music player for some of the featured artists, gig reviews and user ratings, news and gossip, and finally a community discussion boards where punters can air their views. There's also a Facebook application which extends the reach of LMFM and allows your Facebook friends to see what gigs you’re going to and who you’ve reviewed.
As Atomic have their ears to the ground, and make good use of their contacts in the music business, the featured artists on the website are a good cross-section of the next big things. Since the Beta version of that soft-launched in June, it has already played a role in raising the profile of music artists such as Kate Nash and Jack Penate with the average punter. is the first completely Web 2.0 type community site that Glass has designed using the Drupal content management system. Along with Ajax and other cutting-edge user interaction design features, Drupal enables Glass to deliver maximum speed and flexibility for users in a robust and stable environment.

The long-term aim is to grow the live music community sufficiently so it is self-supporting - with venues adding events to the listings, and users reviewing and rating bands.
Rick Lippiett, creative partner of Glass says:
“Glass developed a central core strategy that took advantage of one unifying feature of the bands that Atomic were working with and considering signing – they all wrote their own songs and had a fantastic live presence. As Glass have a deep interest in both music and Web 2.0 communities we proposed to build a community around just that – Live Music and only Live Music!
Using the increasing popularity of live music events as the key call to action, the over-arching creative concept was to build a digital version of ‘Later with Jools Holland’ which featured credible musicians and artists - the unsung heroes of modern song-writing! For the target audience live music is more than a passion: they need a regular gig fix to survive.”
Mick Newton, Atomic Managing Director adds:
“While helping our artists to navigate the ever-changing world of the music business one thing has remained constant: our passion for the music, in its live, raw form, experienced by all the senses. That, and a desire to be at the forefront of the digital revolution, has prompted Atomic to pioneer and nurture the development of
For us questions like ‘Do they look right?’, ‘Have they got a record deal?’, don’t really matter. All we want to know is: can they cut it live on stage? We know when they’ve got it – and if the punters don't agree then they can tell us and every other live music junky out there. On you’ll find out who you should be catching live before it's too late.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 21st November 2007