UK based Site Intelligence has created a strategic partnership with Business Objects designed to help organisations to view their customers’ activity seamlessly across all their channels to market; providing them with a much clearer total view of their business. Gone are the days when customers interact with organisations through a single channel but until now it has been very difficult to get a unified view across all customer activity. That has now changed thanks to the combination of Site Intelligence and Business Objects software.

The combination of Site Intelligence’s “Visitor Behaviour Information System” (VBISTM) open architecture and Business Objects’ data integration capabilities allows on-line and off-line customer data to be brought together in a single integrated database. This data, in turn, can be analysed as a coherent whole using market-leading Business Objects business intelligence capabilities.

In addition to working together to deliver a comprehensive solution, Site Intelligence is also a technology partner to Business Objects, which means current Site Intelligence clients will benefit from improvements to its VBIS solution. Select Business Objects modules will be used to enhance VBIS, creating more sophisticated segmentation and profiling analysis and the ability to track customers as they evolve from one segmentation group to another. This is an important development for the industry as businesses seek to gain greater customer intimacy.

With the recent report that UK Internet sales rose to £4.2bn* in July 2007 (up from £2.34bn for the same period last year) there has never been a more important time for retailers to be able to see how online sales compare to offline and to analyse how activity on the two different channels effects overall sales.

Tim Clowser, Head of E-commerce at Direct Wines comments: “A completely integrated view of our sales channels will be invaluable to us. We see this as vital to our future, gone are the days when on-line and off-line activities can be treated separately.”

Donald MacCormick, Chief Transformation Officer at Business Objects explains: “We were very impressed with how much Site Intelligence could achieve in terms of web analysis and providing a single integrated database for on-line and off-line activity. With this centralised source of information, customers can use Business Objects business intelligence to gain greater insight into their organisation and make more strategic business decisions.”

Site Intelligence boasts a client list including Boots, Dyson, Royal Bank of Scotland, SAP and Tesco, whilst Business Objects is a global business intelligence (BI) software company, with more than 44,000 customers - including over 80 percent of the Fortune 500. This new alliance will be used to help both current and future clients to gain a much greater understanding of their multi-channel offering.

David Jackson, CEO of Site Intelligence, comments: “This is the next step in Site Intelligence’s development and provides an invaluable solution for current and future clients. Businesses that invest now in understanding their multi-channel offering will swiftly reap the rewards and we believe this offering will play a pivotal role in helping those forward thinking businesses.”

Published on: 12:00AM on 1st November 2007