KANA helps City of Amsterdam dramatically improve customer service delivery

KANA provides Amsterdam residents with easy access to local government services, increasing web self-service interactions and lowering contact center costs.

London, 5 November 2007 – KANA has helped the City of Amsterdam to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of customer service it offers to citizens. The world famous capital, which has long been recognized for its innovative approach to digital government, was honoured with the Dutch KING award 2007 for innovation and quality in public service and was recently honoured with the European eGovernment award 2007 for its outstanding achievements in this area.

The City of Amsterdam selected KANA as the basis of its new multi-channel customer service solution, designed to make it easier for citizens to access the full range of government services. A combined implementation of KANA’s integrated email, web self-service, and contact center applications has enabled the City of Amsterdam to:

• Consolidate on a single point of contact for telephone and email enquiries.

• Introduce an improved web self-service experience that makes it easier for citizens to find the information they need online about all of the services managed by local government, including taxation, social services, passports, and driving licences.

• Dramatically increase the number of enquiries handled with the same staff, from 100,000 per month to over 400,000 per month.

Prior to launching the KANA solution, the city struggled to deliver adequate customer service to its 750,000 inhabitants. A complex network of hotlines and switchboards was used to route enquiries through Amsterdam’s 15 autonomous districts and 41 administrative departments. The system was so inefficient that when the local authority carried out a survey to find out what inhabitants thought of its customer service, half of them said that they couldn’t figure out where to go. As well as providing poor quality service, this system was also expensive to operate.

The majority of enquiries are now handled through a new contact centre with 90 employees which handles approximately 120,000 calls per month. Since the project was completed at the beginning of 2007, the number of enquiries has risen 400%. Over the same period the number of direct contact centre interactions has fallen slightly, and the number of enquiries handled by the web self-service system has risen fourfold. Amsterdam residents benefit from improved service, and the City is now able to deliver that service at a greatly reduced cost.

Ben Verleg, Director of Public Service City of Amsterdam, said: “This is an important part of our strategy to provide our citizens with a centralized multi-channel contact center which can handle all of their queries and offer immediate answers to as many of their questions as possible. The KANA solution has delivered great results for the people of Amsterdam. We’ve seen that our citizens enjoy using our service and find it easy to use compared to our previous systems. Before implementing KANA’s knowledge base we were not getting anything like the level of traffic to our web site. I think the results speak for themselves.”

David Pugsley, Public Sector Manager at KANA, said: “It’s been great to see what an improvement this project has delivered for the City of Amsterdam. People are increasingly making use of the web self-service options and the contact centre is able to offer far more effective service than the old system was capable of thanks to the tools KANA has delivered.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 5th November 2007