Mobile operator 02 is hiring an extra 1,000 staff at its Glasgow contact centre to handle the anticipated surge in demand for customer service following the UK launch of the iPhone today.

Rex Dorricott, CEO of contact centre interaction intelligence software specialist Exony, believes that for major product launches where call centre demand is likely to increase significantly, companies should utilise Virtual Contact Centres (VCCs). Virtual Contact Centres exist where there is a common contact centre infrastructure across the entire company and it offers a far more effective and efficient method to ensure agent resources meets customer service demand.

"Ever since the iPhone was unveiled it has been one of the most eagerly anticipated gadgets, and the scenes of people queuing overnight at shops highlights the demand that exists. In situations where demand is likely to be extremely high, it’s worth investigating using VCCs,” Dorricott says. “Virtual Contact Centres allow companies to bring in additional agents in line with demand and in real-time from multiple sources, such as home and back office workers. The challenge with hiring additional staff to help with a big launch is ensuring the right level of resource is brought on board. Recruit too many agents in relation to calls, then the contact centre is wasting money, and even worse, recruit to few to deal with call volumes then you risk damaging your brand and alienating customers. Virtual Contact Centres add value by ensuring extra staff resources are always available on demand, allowing contact centres to be more efficient and flexible. With a major launch such as the iPhone, organisations must take steps to ensure the increase in demand is met. By adopting a VCC approach companies can eliminate all the guess work involved with recruiting extra agents.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 9th November 2007