TradeDoubler, the Pan-European digital marketing company, has today launched td Searchware 4, a search management technology designed to enable the world’s largest advertisers to make the most of their online media spend.

td Searchware 4 is the next evolution of BidBuddy®, the flagship offering from The Technology Works, which was acquired by TradeDoubler in July 2007. td Searchware 4 will sit within a newly formed division of TradeDoubler - TD Technology - which also launched today. The TD Technology division also incorporates TradeDoubler’s td Toolbox, an online marketing management system for tracking, file hosting, ad serving and partner payment administration.

td Searchware 4 is a sophisticated online marketing platform with advanced editorial, reporting and automated strategy capabilities that empower search marketing professionals to be expert at what they do. Building on the heritage of BidBuddy®, it includes additional features and functionality developed in conjunction with key industry stakeholders and clients across the UK, mainland Europe and Japan.

Mick Empson, Managing Director, TD Technology, says: “td Searchware 4 has been designed to tackle the new challenges search professionals are facing. As campaigns are becoming more sophisticated, marketers need tools that are intuitive and leave them free to focus on strategic and creative issues.”

The new, market-influenced features of td Searchware 4 include: instant access to key information; navigation to most functions within two to three clicks; an end-to-end editorial process enabling more time to be spent on creative optimisation and analysis; enhanced reporting which provides key information on the customer journey for use when optimising campaigns; and a new Strategy Groups feature allowing the optimisation of key terms regardless of where they sit in engine account structure.

Andreas Bernström, COO, TradeDoubler, says: “The launch of td Searchware 4 heralds a new phase of efficiency and accuracy for the next generation of online marketing. TD Technology has ensured this product best meets the specific requirements of search marketing professionals so that they gain that competitive edge.”

The new Strategy Groups functionality in td Searchware 4 enables users to fine-tune their search campaigns to achieve a higher return. Historically, users have been unable to group or isolate priority keywords in order to apply strategies targeting a particular metric. The Strategy Groups feature will allow users to apply such targeted approaches by identifying and grouping collections of keywords from any number of campaigns. Applying automated strategies to these keyword collections will not affect best practice engine-side account and campaign structure but will allow users to effectively optimise the overall return on campaigns.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th January 2008