Mobile application creates new programme format possibilities and alternative revenue stream for broadcasters

Future Platforms, the mobile design and development consultancy, today launches The Button, a downloadable mobile application that provides a new way for audiences to interact with television programmes in real time. The Button opens-up exciting possibilities for interactive programmes and offers broadcasters an alternative to SMS voting, which has remained largely undeveloped since going mainstream seven years ago.

Designed to help broadcasters rebuild audience trust following controversy around text and phone-in competitions, The Button’s voting system is immediate and transparent. Users who submit votes after competitions close are notified that the vote has not been counted and that they have not been charged.

Viewers simply press a button on their mobile phone to interact with programmes, rather than laboriously typing and sending a text. This allows them to participate with more immediacy, spurring increased engagement.

Broadcasters can also explore new mass-audience interaction formats with The Button, which offers a range of flexible billing options. Unrestricted by SMS, viewers can enjoy a personalised interactive experience from the comfort of their sofa; for example, by taking part in the 'ask the audience' feature of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, selecting a box number for Deal or No Deal, or even registering their one-to-ten score in Strictly Come Dancing.

Brands, as well as programme formats, can be extended across mobile platforms using The Button. Its rich user interface can be tailored to reflect programme branding. This directly links the information viewers see on the screen of their mobile device with the programme they are interacting with, increasing visibility and brand awareness.


Louise Greeves / Nina Howse
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Published on: 12:00AM on 16th January 2008