Enhancements to Communicator®'s industry leading Content Checker now enables clients to review email spam scores across 5 European languages and preview their emails with images either enabled or disabled.

For clients who apply the international type sets available within Communicator®, the content checker will indicate spam words in an additional four languages, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The identification of foreign spam words will greatly assist our clients' reputation when delivering to European inboxes.

Additional added functionality allows users to scroll horizontally or vertically to view how the email renders outside of the preview pane. This extra visibility ensures email templates are optimally designed and can be easily tested for all ISP's who disable images as standard. Utilising this new functionality within the content checker assures marketers that marketing messages are undiluted if viewed by the recipient with images disabled as some ISP's block images by default.

Chris Nixon, Delivery Assurance Executive at Communicator Corp commented "Our clients use Communicator® to deliver communications to over 90 countries around the world. The ability to formulate spam scores in a variety of languages will greatly assist all global, multi lingual senders, ultimately improving reputation and delivery."

Communicator Corp will be exhibiting the on demand, powerful and intuitive technology platform, Communicator® at the Technology For Marketing Show, stand C4, on the 12th-13th February where visitors will also be able to experience Communicator Corp's industry leading consultancy firsthand. Call 0870 286 1525 to book an appointment, or go to www.communicatorcorp.com

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Published on: 12:00AM on 17th January 2008