‘Digital Proposition Management for on-demand entertainment services' can sound awfully... abstract (if you're not an IPTV company).

So Velocity, the B2B marketing agency for technology firms, looked for something with a bit more impact for the home page of the new AssetHouse website.

The approach: ‘zooming out' to put the company's solutions in the context of the new entertainment consumer (by no means a couch potato).

The B2B marketing site presents a range of dynamic content including a new AssetHouse blog, latest news and a growing library of white papers relating to the on-demand world.

"The site was built using a variety of open source tools that are perfect for content-rich web builds that require a good level of outbound engagement with the rest of the web," said Roger Warner, Velocity Client Services Director (and web-head), "What we've delivered is a super-easy system for the client to update with new pages, blog posts and content, and a platform that'll help them ramp up quickly with new digital engagement programs in the future."

"This is an exceptionally important period for AssetHouse. The IPTV market is booming and we're looking to boost our profile and help widen out footprint in the worldwide market," said Jonathan Callcut, CEO at AssetHouse. "What Velocity has brought us is speed and direction. We have a very definite window of opportunity and these guys are managing our entire marketing drive. The web is only the tip of the iceberg... there's lots to follow so watch this space."

Kudos to Jonathan for trying something different in a market full of ‘me too' techno-speak.

About Velocity (http://www.velocitypartners.co.uk/)
Velocity is a consulting-led B2B technology marketing agency based in London.

About AssetHouse - Digital Proposition Management Software for On-Demand IPTV Services (http://www.assethouse.com/)
AssetHouse specialises in Digital Proposition Management for on-demand entertainment providers. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Guildford, UK.

Published on: 12:00AM on 18th January 2008