Magenta Provides Strategy Consulting Firm Credo with Unparalleled Ability to Solve Complex Business Problems

Magenta Technology, the leading provider of multi-agent systems for enterprises, today announced that Credo, the strategy consulting firm, has selected its software for business process modelling. Credo will use its Network Designer capability to solve complex business problems which clients have been unable to address with conventional modelling approaches.

Network Designer allows for flexible simulation of the operation of complex business processes, allowing Credo to design and deliver operationally validated strategies which in many cases can deliver tens of millions of pounds of bottom-line improvement. Network Designer links existing data on orders, assets and resources with an accurate representation of the business rules under which a business operates. Through flexing these business rules Credo is able to understand the impact of various strategies from both an operational and financial viewpoint.

Credo will use Network Designer in a number of client situations. These include helping to deliver true end-to-end optimisation of complex supply chains, designing flexible and cost-efficient distribution networks and aligning pricing strategy with operational capacity. The software will also help model complex, outcome-based outsourcing bids to understand the risks, constraints and financial impact of different scenarios.

Chris Molloy, Director of Credo said: "Credo has a deserved reputation for bringing clarity to complex business decisions. Magenta's Network Designer allows us to overcome many of the limitations of traditional modelling techniques and will allow our clients to make better decisions with more confidence, enhancing our competitive edge."

Jonathan Himoff, the CEO of Magenta Technology, said: "Where multi-agent technology really outstrips previous hierarchical, rigid, rules-based software solutions is within complex, dynamic environments where no single optimum solution exists. Resolving conflicts often requires rapid response to many possible options. As the leaders in the commercial application of multi-agent technology, Magenta is providing Credo with the business agility that will help it maintain its unique position within the strategic consultancy sector."

About multi-agent technology
Multi-agent systems work by allocating a single agent - in effect a small software program - to every element of the project. These agents then work collectively to find the best fit between supply and demand to meet the goals and criteria of the problem.

When a new factor appears within the environment, agents will be created within the database and contain all the data about that component - for example price, size and location. The agents will then negotiate within a virtual market to decide the best outcome. The agents do this by competing to find the best solution between supply and demand through comparing alternative components of the solution, such as trailer availability, driver availability and even weather conditions. This data and the defining concepts upon which the agents base their decisions are stored within a knowledge database, known as the Ontology.

Unlike existing systems, multi-agent technology can also dynamically resolve conflicts as its agents are not bound by rigid rules and are able to work around problems. Furthermore, having presented the best solutions to the operations team, the agents will continue to work to provide alternative solutions to ensure that any unforeseen factors can be reacted to immediately. However, for each planning option the decision to implement must still be made by an operator, thus keeping the responsibility of decision making in the hands of the professional operator.

About Magenta
Magenta Technology is a London-based company, specialising in the commercial application of agent technology. Through collaboration with end users, software developers and solution integrators, Magenta delivers rapid, measurable value, helping enterprises cope with today's increasing demand and supply uncertainties. Magenta is a leading provider of multi-agent technology, which can be used within a variety of applications such as within the supply chain execution market. Magenta Technology also has one of the most experienced and highly skilled multi-agent software development teams which is based out of Russia. For more information, please visit

About Credo
Credo is a strategy consulting firm with a reputation as an agile and highly effective alternative to the traditional consultancies. The firm has a particular approach to working with clients: responsive, focused teams working to aggressive timelines; approachable, straightforward and respectful consultants; rigorous analysis, challenging thinking and open discussion; commitment to seeing the job through to completion. The impact of this approach is that Credo helps clients make decisions and implement them rapidly whilst maintaining the goodwill and support of the organisation through the process. For more information please visit

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th February 2004