Pindar Graphics, (http// the multi channel services business, has unveiled a new Analysis Service for benchmarking e-commerce performance for online retailers.

Devised to help online retail outlets evaluate performance against industry standards, the new service already monitors over 20 e-commerce metrics of 60+ websites used regularly by more than 5 million visitors and taking several hundred thousand orders per month.

The e-commerce Analysis Service has defined a suite of e-commerce benchmarks which can be applied to any retail website. The company collates and analyses a massive amount of data, including traffic sources, engagement metrics such as session length, bounce rates and pages visited and transactional information including basket & checkout abandonment and conversion rates.

Roger Willcocks, Director at Pindar Graphics, said: “Our new e-commerce benchmarking service has been designed to put extensive amounts of invaluable information at online retailers’ fingertips.

”By analysing their performance against industry peers, online retailers can make informed decisions about how to adapt their own websites to maximise their return on investment.”

The Analysis Service is available as an independent subscription service and Pindar Graphics will include subscribers’ own e-commerce data in the benchmarks – whether or not Pindar Graphics manages the retailers website. Google Analytics training is available to assist retailers with their analytics implementation and Pindar Graphics is offering full site audits and analyses via Google Analytics.

Subscription to the service starts at £50 per month and includes full quarterly reports and monthly briefings on specific topics of analysis.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th February 2008