Collaborating with Cimex, the General Medical Council (GMC) launched an exciting new interactive web zone for doctors to bring its core guidance, Good Medical Practice (, to life.

Cimex was commissioned by the GMC to develop an online resource that worked effectively for both medical professionals and the general public.

Adopting a user centred design approach, the agency created a rich media microsite which utilises a range of treatments such as interactive scenarios and video clips to bring the guidelines to life. The site was designed to carefully complement and work effectively with the resources on the existing GMC site.

Good Medical Practice in Action invites the user to be the doctor in a series of ethical case studies which highlight some important issues addressed in the GMC’s guidance booklet.

The action starts with four patients in a waiting room. The user can click on one of the patients to watch and listen to their consultation with a doctor. As each ethical dilemma reveals itself, the user is called on to decide which option is the best match to the GMC’s guidance. Standards Committee member Dr Nicola Toynton then gives feedback on the user’s decision, with links to the GMC’s website to view the guidance itself.

Each patient consultation presents dilemmas which explore issues such as conscientious objection, communication skills, advertising and reporting concerns about colleagues.

Dr John Jenkins, Chair of the GMC Standards and Ethics Committee said:

‘Since publishing a revised version of Good Medical Practice in October 2006, we’ve been developing new ways to communicate its messages to doctors. GMP in Action is part of this ongoing work and is designed to bring the GMC’s guidance to life for doctors in a way that a traditional printed booklet can’t.

‘GMC guidance sets out the overarching principles we expect doctors to follow. In reality, the situations doctors face are complex and don’t always happen in isolation. GMP in Action is designed to reflect this, with each patient presenting the doctor with more than one dilemma. It will be a useful tool for all doctors to test their knowledge, whether they are experienced or just starting out in their careers. Patients will also get insight into the sorts of issues faced by doctors every day.

‘This is our first use of interactive media to promote our guidance. We want as many doctors as possible to evaluate the scenarios and provide us with feedback as to how this new approach could be developed and made most useful for them.’

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th February 2008