, one of Europe's leading sports good e-tailers, has launched a range of affiliate widgets to further enhance it's product and content offer for current and future affiliates. The widgets are available under Kitbag's Affiliate Window network.

Affiliates can choose to select specific Kitbag products, or ranges of Kitbag products, from the Affiliate Window interface, and this then automatically updates the affiliate's widget. The affiliate is then given some personalised HTML (specific to that affiliate's widget) which is ready to place on their website. The Kitbag product images, description texts and prices are then displayed on the affiliate's website within the widget window area. These are all clickable links, and are populated with the associated Affiliate Window url parameters fpr that affiliate, in order to enable the affiliate to receive commission for sales generated on the Kitbag site.

The product repository that feeds the widgets is drawn from Kitbag's regularly updated product feed (over 5,000 products) which is fed to Affiliate Window. This means products automatically 'drop out' of any live widgets as and when they go out of stock, being replaced with the next available product(s) in that particular selected range for that widget.

Kitbag's widgets are available in 20x600, 468x90, 728x90 and 250x250 sizes for each of the following sports sections on Kitbag:


Kitbag have a blog post at with more details.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th February 2008