Squiz, today announced the latest version of leading open source content management system (CMS) MySource Matrix will be available free to publishers at the Publishing Expo, London February 13 - 14 2008.

The Gartner rated open source CMS is used by leading publishers such as Keesings, Informa, Imagine Publishing, and Mercator Media to control their web content and engage users online. The launch at the trade show reflects the fact that publishers have some of the most dynamic content management requirements.

Speaking at the recent Digital Publishers Association conference in Brighton, Squiz Director Stephen Morgan stated that online content control is the biggest challenge facing the UK publishing industry.

“Publishers are searching for robust and sustainable business models which will carry them through online. 'Web 2.0' type elements such as user generated content and content syndication are often seen as a threat but can be embraced as an opportunity. Today, with advertiser revenue moving to Google and friends in a substantial way, publishers now have more opportunity to generate revenue online.”

The latest version of MySource Matrix (3.18) puts accessibility and usability at the forefront of their web presence. It features substantial developments in social media, web 2.0 and multi-channel publishing of content. Search engine optimisation plays a large part in any site development and it is the control that publishers have over not only content but also revenue generation that has enabled MySource Matrix to be at the forefront of open source CMS projects in the UK.

“People view open source as cheaper, allowing control over budgets,” continues Morgan “but we feel the most critical aspect is the fact that development is driven by the user community. As and when new needs arise all users benefit from the delivered solutions – innovation is community led rather than being driven by any one organisation.”

The latest version of MySource Matrix (3.18) reflects the rapid changes that are occurring in the web landscape. Usability, search engine optimization and accessibility features form the foundation of the CMS, and a range of new features allow users to engage with their audience through social media, tagging, web communities and other web 2.0 style functionality.

Attendees to the Expo, being held at London's Olympia 2, will be able to see in action the latest version of open source CMS MySource Matrix, as well as receive free copies of the latest Squiz white papers on usability, accessibility and SEO.


Published on: 12:00AM on 12th February 2008