February 13th 2008 LeadPoint, the world’s first and largest online leads exchange marketplace, today posted outstanding results for 2007, including an 81 percent jump in leads purchased over 2006, despite the economic downturn.

LeadPoint's revolutionary platform provides lead buyers with unparalleled ability to profit due to precise control of their lead targeting, while allowing lead sellers to benefit from immediate transparency into the true value of their marketing efforts. The strength of this platform, which benefits both buyers and sellers of leads, has widened LeadPoint's market share and enabled all of its lead verticals to continue rapid growth.

In 2007, LeadPoint increased the number of active sellers using its platform by 67 percent, while the number of active buyers increased more than 90 percent. In the US, LeadPoint currently operates in 16 verticals including consumer lending, consumer credit, automotive lending, education and business services. "We flourished in 2007 because the lead exchange model allows buyers to target high potential consumers that match the types of loans and other products they offer," said LeadPoint Chief Executive Officer Marc Diana. "When buyers can specify the exact price and criteria of a lead before purchasing it, they diversify their risk and are better able to weather downturns in the market."

“Since launching in the UK in 2006, LeadPoint remains the only truly global lead generation company. We are excited to be an integral part of a dynamic company that is growing at an astonishing rate;” said Nick Chapman, LeadPoint UK Managing Director. “In the last year we have launched into loans, PMI, Debt Management & IVA. While 2007 was a phenomenal year this is only the beginning. There are some interesting developments in the pipeline and as well as launching new products we will look to build on and improve everything we do.”

With more than four million leads traded since 2004, LeadPoint's auction model allows buyers to bid only on the leads most beneficial to them, allowing them to be more efficient and focus on closing deals and growing their businesses. Lead sellers maximize revenue via higher payouts for more desirable leads and the very low commissions LeadPoint charges for transactions.


LeadPoint is the world’s first lead exchange marketplace. Buyers efficiently acquire customers and sellers easily increase profits through LeadPoint’s innovative trading platform and marketplace model. The privately held company was founded in 2004 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. For more information please visit LeadPoint on the web at www.leadpoint.com and www.leadpoint.co.uk.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 13th February 2008